The Graybeals are going to Europe!

Woo hoo! Last night, we FINALLY booked our plane tickets for our European adventure this spring! Cam and I are SO excited!! We’ve been working on planning this trip for the last few months now, but we had yet to actually book our plane tickets. Now that we’ve finally done that, it feels so much more real, we’re actually going! We’re going to be leaving on May 5th and coming back June 12th; we’re going to be gone a whole 5 1/2 weeks! We both figured this is the perfect time in our lives to take a trip like this-we’re young, we don’t have any kids/pets/major responsibilities, and we want to see the world! We saved a lot of the money we got from our wedding to go towards this trip, and I’m so excited that it’s getting closer! We have a lot to celebrate on this vacation as Cam will be graduating from his Master’s program at U of M the weekend before we leave, and then we’ll actually be celebrating our first wedding anniversary while we’re on the trip!! (It’s crazy how fast the time has gone!) Once we get back from our trip, Cam will be starting his job with GE and we’ll be moving across the country (although we don’t know exactly where yet…), so we figure that this may be our only chance for awhile to take a nice long extended vacation, which is why we’re going for so long! Cam has never been to Europe, and I’ve only been to Italy, so we’re both really looking forward to being able to experience a great deal of what Europe has to offer during the 39 days we’ll be there. We are going to be (attempting) to travel very light as we’re going for the whole cliche but hopefully amazing “backpacking” across Europe post college experience. I know this is going to be a challenge for me as I easily fill up my huge suitcase when we go somewhere for the weekend! But I’m hoping that over the next few months I’ll be able to figure out exactly what I need, and hopefully it will all fit in my backpack! We’ve already planned out our tentative itinerary using a really cool site called Eurotrip, and now that our plane tickets are booked, we’re going to start making all of our hotel/hostel reservations. I am planning on using this blog while we’re in Europe to chronicle our experience, so get excited for our adventures in Europe in less than 3 months!! Also, feel free to comment on our proposed itinerary if you have any suggestions!