Pink & Green Sale!

So, I’ve been a little bit behind in posting for March, so today’s the day I’m getting back on track! This morning, I happened to see that Vera Bradley is having a 25% off sale on their “Cupcakes” pattern, and I decided to post this because the 2 colors the “Cupcakes” pattern comes in are--you guessed it, pink and green! So from now until March 17th, anything in either the “Cupcakes Pink” or “Cupcakes Green” is on sale! I became a VB devotee during my sorority days in college, as their preppy totes we’re basically an obligatory part of the uniform. However, my affinity for all things Vera wasn’t merely a passing school fad, rather I genuinely do love their accessories because they’re just so darn cute and colorful! I think it’s awesome how they come out with new patterns biannually, and I’ve found most of their products to be fairly well made for the price. Some of my favorite VB pieces I‘ve had have been the Villager tote, the Brush & Pencil case, and the Wristlet. However, I’d have to say my absolute favorite item that I own is their Large Duffel. It’s the perfect size for a weekend, it’s machine washable, and you’re definitely not going to get your bag confused with someone else’s at the airport! I’ve had my Java Blue duffel for a few years and it still looks brand new! I also have to give a shout out to Vera Bradley’s stationary & gift line as well, as I’ve gotten quite of few of those products over the last few years, and they are adorable! They make everything from photo albums to thank you cards to notepads, and everything is just darling! So if you’re looking for something to help you transition into spring, a colorful shot of Vera Bradley’s pretty, preppy patterns in either “Cupcakes Pink” or “Cupcakes Green” is the perfect solution!