Back to the grind…

Hey y’all! While I’ve really enjoyed spending the first month and a half in of my time here in SC just wife-ing it up (shopping, working out, running errands, shopping, cooking, cleaning, did I mention shopping?), I was getting antsy to start working again. A lot of it had to do with the fact that once you’re out of school, so much of your social life revolves around work, I was getting tired of not really knowing many people down here in Greenville. So I am proud to say that I now have a job!! I am working as a recruiter for a recruiting firm that specializes in placing people in jobs in the healthcare industry. It’s nice because it has a lot of the sales aspects that I liked about my previous job (aka making commission!), but everything is done on the phone, which means I don’t have to go and cold call in the heat! While I still have a ton to learn, from what I know so far, I think that recruiting is a really interesting line of work and is going to be a great fit for my personality. I started work this past Monday, and made it through my first week, yayy! I always hate the first few weeks of any job because there is so much to learn and I hate feeling lost. But I know that time flies, and I’ve already learned so much this past week, plus everyone is really nice. And I think the best part of my job is the location–the office where I’m working is literally less than 5 minutes from my apartment! For example, one day this week I left my house at 7:42 am, went to the Starbucks (conveniently located right by my work, I’m much more productive after a grande skinny vanilla latte!) and was in the parking lot of my office at 7:57! (I’m supposed to be there at 8) This job is a huge blessing, and I couldn’t be happier how everything worked out.

Now that I’m back at work, Cam and I are back to trying to pack our weekends full of fun stuff, as it’s nice to have exciting weekend plans to look forward to! This weekend, we had dinner in downtown Greenville on Friday at a really nice restaurant that we had been dying to try. They had a great 3 course prix fixe menu/wine pairing special going on that we ended up trying, and it was incredible, probably one of the best meals I’ve had since coming back from Europe. Then yesterday morning, we got up, threw our camping gear in the car, and hit the road to North Carolina! We went to the Brevard, NC area, which is in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and only about an hour and a half from our apartment. We camped by the river in the Pisgah National Forest, picked wild blueberries, went hiking and saw a bunch of different waterfalls, and made s’mores. All in all, a fantastic weekend to celebrate my re-entry into the workforce. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep things up to date on the blog, but bear with me as I’m not going to have quite as much time as I used to! Right now, our biggest challenge is really getting into a schedule that includes work, working out, and making/eating dinner. Cam is really swamped with work for his programs and has to spend most of his week nights working on these reports he has to turn every week, so that keeps him super busy. I like going to the gym when I get out of work, but it’s difficult to go to a gym class at 6:45 (as a lot of them at my gym do), not get home until 8, and then not eat dinner until 9:30pm! So that means I’m either going to have to start getting up to workout before work (ughhhh), or have super fast and easy dinners for during the week….Since I’m not such a fan of getting up at 5:30 am to workout, I’m going to try to start making more meals that can be prepared ahead of time. I want to try to find dishes that make a few nights worth of leftovers, where I can re-purpose the leftovers so it’s not like we’re having the same meal 3 nights in a row. I’ll definitely be posting about any successful weeknight meals that I discover, because while we love going out to eat for a date night on the weekends, I really try to avoid getting takeout during the week because you waste so much money and just feel gross. Plus, since I’m going to be sitting down the majority of the day for my job, healthy dinners are going to be key to not gaining 20 lbs by Christmas…

Alrighty, well I’m actually just finishing up our meal plan for this week and am off to the grocery store! But I am excited that we are going to be having our first visitors this week…my mom, aunt, and grandma are making the trip from MI to SC, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them!! 🙂


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