Fall Fingertips

As I’ve mentioned before, I love any and all things relating to fall/autumn, particularly when it comes to fashion. However, yesterday in Greenville, the high was 82 degrees. Not too condusive to boots and chunky knit sweaters. However, just because I’m still rocking flip flops doesn’t mean that I can’t get in the fall spirit, so one way that I’ve been trying to do that is with my nails. Last week, I had them a painted with a deep red wine shade, which I liked a lot, but I’m in love with the color I have on this week. It’s called “Oh to be 25 again” and it’s by OPI (the name is a little ironic considering I’m only 23, but oh well). I borrowed it from my coworker, but I am definitely going to purchase it for myself because it’s the perfect fall nail polish. Two coats gives you a rich reddish brown, but an extra coat turns it into a super chic dark chocolate that looks really striking on short nails. I’m obsessed.