Happy Halloween!

My 2010 costume inspiration 
(notice the sweet pink & green tablescape)
 Well, another Halloween has come and gone. It’s really not my favorite holiday, I’d say that it’s probably 6th on the list after Christmas (obvs), my birthday, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and to be honest it probably ties with 4th of July. I’m not really in to all the spooky, scary stuff like a lot of people are, but a big focus of Halloween is candy, so that is definitely right up my alley! (I bought 2 huge bags of candy for trick or treaters…and we didn’t get a single trick or treater…oh darn, I’m so disappointed, whatever am I going to do with all this candy…hehe) Another aspect of Halloween that I’m a big fan of is dressing up, however, since it’s not really appropriate post-college to look completely ridiculous, that’s caused the holiday to lose a little bit of its luster for me. That being said, I still enjoy all things seasonal, and we had a really nice, albeit low-key, Halloween weekend. I made 2 pans of dirt cake, one for my office to eat on Friday and one for a Halloween party we went to on Saturday, and they came out great! The recipe is super simple, yummy, and both pans I made went over really well! 
Creamy Oreo deliciousness

I heart gummy worms
As for our Halloween costumes, I was originally going to go as a peacock, and Cam wasn’t going to dress up. Then I was going to go as a butterfly, and Cam was going to go as a butterfly catcher aka still not dress up but carry a net so he feels like he’s participating. Then in the 11th hour (7:30pm when we were supposed to leave to go to our party at 9), we decided to go as Food Network personalities Sandra Lee (see photo above) and Alton Brown. I personally don’t care for Sandra Lee’s show that much; her “semi-homemade” motto is 70% store bought or prepared food and 30% of your own add-ins so you can take credit for making something, but the stuff she makes is about 70% crap and 30% just ok. However, her completely absurd “tablescapes” are slightly entertaining, as well as the fact that she has a cocktail time segment with every episode and I’m 70% sure she has a drinking problem. However, her and I do share somewhat of a resemblance, so getting into character wasn’t too much of a stretch. Cam’s absolute favorite show on Food Network is Good Eats, and its host, Alton Brown, is like the Bill Nye the Science Guy of cooking, and without a doubt the smartest host of all the shows on FN. Probably the smartest host of any show, ever. This guy knows so much about food it’s ridiculous, and Cam has the all the Good Eats cookbooks and DVDs, which is why he decided to go as AB. They don’t really look alike…at all…but with the glasses and the whisk and the name tag, you got the idea. Some people at the party had no idea who we were, but oh well, I still thought our costumes were pretty clever…but that’s probably because we watch a ton of Food Network, hence why we chose these costumes in the first place. Here are a couple pics of how they came out! 
Sandra & Alton
Sandra Lee’s two favorite things–cocktails and cake mix!
(Btw, if you’re as big of a fan of Food Network as us, and you haven’t seen this website, check it out, it will make your day!) Happy Halloween everyone 🙂