Haul out the holly…it’s Christmas card time!

I’ve been a little bit slow with posts so far this month, but that will be changing as we’ve already entered in to my favorite time of the year…Christmas!! Now I know that some people (aka Scrooges) think that you have to wait to get through Thanksgiving before it’s appropriate to start showing holiday spirit…WRONG. While I believe that the joy and wonder of Christmas should be alive in your heart all year long, I feel that anytime after Halloween is appropriate to start expressing these sentiments publicly. After all, Starbucks started using their red holiday cups Nov. 1st (at least here in Greenville) and you better believe I was there getting coffee! Two radio stations in Greenville have already switched over to playing 100% Christmas music, and I’ve been listening to them all week (even if it did feel a little bit strange considering it’s been in the 70’s!). Anyone who knows me knows that I love Christmastime, and now that things are a little more complicated than they were when I was a kid, I want to make sure that I allow my self plenty of time to get everything done so stress doesn’t overtake the joy of the season. When I was younger, the only presents I had to worry about were my sister, my mom, and dad. Now that I’m married, I have 2 families (in opposite parts of the country!) to shop and wrap for. That’s why I started doing a little Christmas shopping here and there back in September, just because I don’t want to have to try to squeeze doing it all into a few weeks and not have any time to do fun holiday stuff like bake cookies and watch Christmas movies. But I’ll be posting more about Christmas shopping in the days to come…for now, the one major Christmas task that I accomplished this week is ordering my Christmas cards! I love stationary (honestly, my dream would be to open a combination stationary/candy shop) and think that people don’t send out enough snail mail anymore, so the holidays are my chance to indulge my stationary obsession. I personally like sending photo cards, just because I love getting them from other people, and I think that it’s a more personal way to stay in touch with people you maybe haven’t seen in some time. Online, there are a million different options for photo Christmas cards, and if I would have had more time, I could have investigated more on Etsy or designed one myself. But since I wanted to get my cards ordered ASAP, I decided to go with what I know–Tiny Prints! I’ve used Tiny Prints to order photo Christmas cards for the past 2 years, both our Christmas-themed save the date 2 years ago and our first married Christmas card last year, and I was extremely pleased with the results both times. Tiny Prints has modern designs, a very user friendly website, and excellent customer service. My Christmas cards should be here next week, and I’ll definitely be doing a follow up post once they arrive!