Fitness FAST

I actually meant to do this post a couple weeks ago, but I didn’t have time, so I thought I’d do it tonight before I totally forget. (I also am wanting to do a post about working out because I have had NO time to go to the gym recently. It really irritates me because I always feel a lot better when I workout, but between Christmas stuff/fostering this puppy, I feel like I’ve barely had time to sleep). However, during the month of November, I tried out a new fitness place in Greenville called 9 Round. It’s kind of a combination of a gym and a specific class, and you can purchase a membership or individual sessions. Basically, it consists of 9 different stations or “rounds” which are different boxing inspired exercises. In between each round, you do 30 seconds of active rest (active being the key word!). There is a thing that looks like a stop light on the wall and when the light turn green you start a round, when it’s yellow, you know you have 30 seconds left and you need to push yourself, and then when it turns red, you start with your active recovery. So for example, you might start with your first round as 3 minutes of jump roping, then go to 30 seconds of wall sits, then move on to your next station and do 3 minutes of squats with a kettlebell, then go to 30 seconds of plank, then put on boxing gloves and do 3 minutes on the punching bag, and so on and so forth. You get an high intensity, total body workout in a short amount of time, and my favorite part is that you never have to worry about waiting for class to start or going at a specific time, you can just show up and jump into a workout whenever. I also like the fact that there is a trainer there pushing you the whole time, so you really do get a good workout in a short amount of time. My favorite exercise was sparring with the instructor; I had on boxing gloves and then the instructor had on gloves with targets, and I just got to punch my little heart out for 3 minutes straight…it was awesome! I really enjoyed trying 9 Rounds and I think that it’s a great concept. However, since I’m not going to cancel my regular gym membership, I won’t be going there, except maybe sporadically when I decide to pay for an individual session. I would highly suggest checking it out though, because 9 Round is the perfect way to mix up your fitness routine and have fun doing it!