Happy Boxing Day…

Ahh the day after Christmas, the perfect time to reflect on what a wonderful holiday season it’s been. I have been meaning to do some Christmas-y posts for the past few weeks, but wasn’t able to find the time, so a post-Christmas post will have to suffice. A big part of that busyness was due to a little puppy that has been consuming the majority of my attention lately. As I mentioned in my last post, we were fostering a little boxer lab mix runt named Elle Woods. Well, we decided that we want to make her a permanent part of our family, so yay for getting a dog finally!! We are going to be adopting her when we return to South Carolina, and thankfully the folks at the Humane Society were kind enough to work things out so that people could foster her while we’re gone. We decided to change her name though, and are going to be calling her Lola because we thought that was a better fit for her spunky personality. I’ve already posted a ton of pictures on FB, but come 2011, I’m planning on doing a whole post about sweet little Lola, and I’ll be sure to include lots of pictures!

So that’s really been the big news of the Christmas season for us, as playing with the puppy has taken up the majority of our free time. Cameron and I both had work Christmas parties which were a lot of fun; his was at the BMW North American Headquarters and we had drinks and hors d’oeuvres and got to look at all the beautiful cars and motorcycles on display. My office is a lot smaller, so my party was actually at my boss’s house, but it was really fun as well, and a great end to the year. I made a few batches of Christmas cookies, and somehow mangaged to finish up the shopping and wrapping in time to get everything to Fed Ex so it would arrive in Oregon/Michigan by Christmas. And that was about it. December seemed to fly by, and although there were quite a few Christmas-y things around Greenville we didn’t end up having time to do, they are definitely on my list for next year.

Because I was so busy with work, the puppy, and trying to tie up loose ends for our travels to Oregon/Michigan, I kind of felt like I hadn’t had time to really start enjoying Christmas, so as soon as I left work for the airport Tuesday, it was great to sort of just switch over in to Christmas mode, as I had 12 days of vacation ahead of me, and nothing to do. (What a fabulous feeling!) So right now, I’m in Oregon, and it’s been SO great to be out here and spend time with everyone. It was a little bit of a tumultuous journey getting here, thanks to Delta and the fact that they are the worst airline on the planet (I had to hold myself back from doing another post about how much I hate them), but basically I was supposed to arrive in Oregon Tuesday night, but thanks to a delay out of Greenville, I missed my connection, and had to spend Tuesday night at the Clarion Inn in Atlanta. (I wouldn’t recommend it…) I finally made it to Oregon on Wednesday, and it’s been a lot of fun spending time with everyone. Our nieces have grown and changed so much, and it was wonderful to have the entire family together for Christmas at Cam’s parents’ house yesterday. Since being here, I’ve been able to relax, catch up on sleep, and enjoy some of my favorite Christmas-y things…

Being with familythat’s really the best part of the season, especially now, living far away from my family, I really value the times we are able to get to Oregon/Michigan and spend time with loved ones…Baking sugar cookiesI rarely make frosted cutout cookies any other time of year because they’re kind of a pain, but they’re my favorite, so Cam and I made a delicious batch together on Christmas Eve…Watching It’s a Wonderful Lifeit makes me cry every time, I love that movie…Exchanging presentsOne of my love languages is gifts and I love to buy presents for people, so it was a lot of fun to shop for my nieces this year, and it was great watching them open their gifts…I got some really great stuff too, so I’ll probably be posting more on that later…Getting a Christmas card from my husbandThis is something that I really look forward to each year, because I love saving cards he gives me to look back on, and sure enough he got me a really sweet one this year. We decided that we were just going to exchange cards this year since the puppy was kind of our present to each other (and she’s gonna need a lot of stuff when we come back in January!), and then we both decided we’d rather go shopping together in the after Christmas sales and each buy some new clothes, rather try to get each other gifts…so I’m looking forward to doing some serious shopping in the week to come! Going to candlelight church service on Christmas Eve-I love singing carols, and I think that my favorite moment of the entire year is when everyone has their candles light, they turn off the lights, and everyone sings ‘Silent Night’…it’s just so peaceful and perfect, it’s really my favorite part of all of Christmas 🙂

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas yesterday 🙂 We’re off to Michigan tomorrow through the New Year, so I’m looking forward to seeing more family and friends and ringing in 2011!