Unexpected Elle Woods…

“This little pup needs a foster home for two or three weeks. She weighs 3 pounds, which is nearly half of what her littermates weight. She is the little runt of the litter. I took her home Saturday evening because I was concerned about her staying here over the weekend and wanted to make sure she was ok – I thought that she might have developmental issues. She slept almost 24 hours, she must have had a hard time in the litter – terrible nightmares. By Sunday evening she was a little active and even more so now (barking, crying right now for attention). She just needs some nice life experiences I think. She is shy at times and tiny so I want to place her in a foster home without small children, relatively quiet home with some stimulation though.  Her name is “Elle Woods.” Yes, she is wearing a pink sweater … she needed a little help in the looks department and it keeps her warm and comfy.”
On Monday, I got an email from the Humane Society with their list of pets that needed to be fostered for the week and this was the paragraph and photo that were at the top of the email. Although, I had a not so smooth experience fostering a puppy earlier this year, I couldn’t resist. Yesterday, Cam went to the Humane Society to pick up Elle Woods before I got home from work, and we basically both have been obsessed with her since she’s arrived. As email said, she needs a place to be away from the Humane Society for a little while, so we are supposed to foster her from now until we leave to go out of town for Christmas. Right now she is super small, but she’s actually a boxer lab mix, so she could end up being a pretty big dog. Everyone keeps saying “oh I bet you’ll keep her!”…who knows, maybe this was meant to be and we’ll end up keeping her and she is the perfect dog for us…or maybe as she continues to grow, she might end up being big and energetic and there might be another family out there who needs her more and has more space for her and it won’t be meant to be that she stays with us permanently…I have no idea yet, all I know is that right now she’s curled up with me on the couch, fast asleep. So I’m just going to enjoy each minute with this cute pup and see what happens, but I’m really glad that we could open our home to her for the time being 🙂