Puppy Love ♥

Today is Lola’s first Valentine’s Day, yayy! She’s changed so much from that tiny, little 3 lb runt we got before Christmas to a happy, healthy puppy who is almost 15 lbs now! Here are some pictures that I took of her this weekend playing with her toy conversation heart (I saw it at Pet Smart and couldn’t resist!)
I love Valentine’s Day, and I’m so blessed for the abundance of love of family and friends, both near and far, that I have in my life. And I’m so thankful that I get to celebrate this day of love with my little family–my sweet husband and my darling little Lola Beans. A year and a half into our marriage, I feel like Cam and I have continued to learn more about each other and how to love the other better. I found this list of ways to love your husband the other day, and I asked Cam if he thought that it was an accurate list…He wholeheartedly agreed, so I’m really trying to work on #3 since talking from the second I walk in the door until we go to sleep tends to be my tendency! And he’s learned how to speak my love language as well because I just received a dozen beautiful red roses delivered to my office, which totally made my day. He knows how much I love getting flowers, so that was really sweet of him. Cam and I don’t need a holiday to show each other how we feel, still it’s nice to have a day focused around it, and it’s still hard for me to believe that this is our second “married” Valentine’s Day!
In addition to married life, I’ve continued to learn about love since we brought Lola into our lives two months ago. She has brought an immense amount of joy into our lives, and she showers Cam and I with love everyday. Each morning when I let her out of her crate, she’s always so happy to see me, and it’s a good feeling knowing she’s waiting for me when I come home. Every day she does something cute or funny that makes me laugh, which always outweighs the stuff she does that drives me crazy, like peeing on the carpet or chewing on the rug! Knowing that she depends on us to take care of her is a big responsibility, but so worth it. She’s so adorable, sweet, and has definitely increased my heart’s capacity for love. ♥
I think that cartoonist Charles Schulz put it best when he said “Happiness is a warm puppy.” On that note, I hope that everyone has a very happy Valentine’s Day with the ones they love! 🙂


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