Ladies’ Night!

Tuesday night, Cam and I had the pleasure of going to see Sara Bareilles in concert, and it was a fantastic show! She came to The Orange Peel in Asheville, which is this really cool, local place that’s a great chance to see performers in a more intimate setting. It was my first time there, and I loved it–they’ve got microbrews from local breweries on tap, and it’s standing room only, so you get a much more interactive type show than when you’re sitting in an seat in a larger venue. (Side note, I love Asheville, it’s such a wonderful city. It’s set in the mountains and it’s got this hippie, outdoors-y vibe much like Ann Arbor or Portland. It’s got a big bluegrass music scene and there are lots of artsy shops and galleries. And it’s only a little over an hour away from where we live, so Cam and I love going there whenever we can!) Anyway, back to the concert. SB had 2 opening acts: Ximena SariƱana and Elizabeth and the Catapult. I had never heard of either of these artists, but both were excellent! Ximena is from Mexico, and she had a very youthful presence with a soulful voice. She sang some songs in Spanish and some in English, and used a lot of Imogen Heap-esque type sounds. Elizabeth and the Catapult is a trio of one girl and two guys from Brooklyn, and I loved their sound. They were kind of like an engetic mix of indie rock/jazz/pop/funk, and gave a great performance. Then SB came on stage and totally met my high expectations I had for her. She’s got such a strong, beautiful voice and had a really fun energy on stage, totally the kind of person that I would love to be friends with. She played a mix of her old stuff, and then her new songs from her album ‘Kaleidescope Heart’, along with some awesome covers of Coldplay, Mumford and Sons, and Cee Lo Green. If she’s coming to a city near you, I’d highly recommend checking out this tour! (And even though the crowd was overwhelming female 20 somethings in Zooey Deschanel-eque outfits, Cam still had a great time…)