Allergy Season

“Like millions of Americans, I too suffer with allergies…”
Earlier this week, Cam took Lola to the vet because she’s had some sniffles and congestion. We were concerned that she might have an upper respiratory infection, however, it turns out that she has allergies! I didn’t even know dogs could have allergies, but apparently our little runty peanut of a puppy does. Greenville has crazy high pollen levels, so that probably has something to do with it. Anyway, the vet gave us some pills to help clear up the congestion, and so I just wanted to give a shout-out about one of my favorite dog related products I’ve found–Greenies Pill Pockets! If you need to give you dog any sort of pill, these are such an awesome invention. Sure you can stick a pill in cheese or a hot dog or something, but often times they’ll end up eating the food and spitting out the pill. Pill Pockets are made with a little pouch to stick a pill, and they are squishy so you can seal up the end. This ensures that the pill actually stays in and gets swallowed when you give the dog the treat. They are super ingenious, and Lola seems to love them!