Lucky Little Lola

Lola’s signature pose

 This weekend, I was just reflecting on how blessed we are to have sweet little Lola in our lives. We took her to the vet on Friday to have her weighed and she’s a whopping 27.5 lbs already! A huge change from the tiny little 3lb nugget that she was when we first started fostering her…but for a boxer lab mix that’s almost 6 months old, she’s really not that big. I actually put her weight/age in an online calculator and it said that she should only be 36lbs when full grown! I am thinking that she’ll end up being a little bigger than that, but who knows, and no matter how big she gets, I am so happy that we have her.

Relaxing in the South Carolina sun

  Although she’s not the type of dog that Cam or I would have chosen if we would have each gotten to pick individually, she is the perfect compromise for what we both wanted and is really ideal for our lifestyle. She’s loyal like a lab, but she’s also comical like a boxer, and then I don’t know where her big silly ears came from (she may or may not be part bat!), but they are my favorite thing about her. She’s very high energy and athletic and loves to play with other dogs and go hiking, but she’s also very sweet and cuddly and loves to sit and watch TV with us. She definitely chose us, and she just fits perfectly to make us a little family.

Stopping to smell the flowers!

The last few months have been full of joys, but that’s not to say that there haven’t been difficulties. Having a puppy is a lot of work, and sometimes I think that they are so adorable simply to keep you from killing them when they misbehave! I think that it’s caused Cam and I to really grow in our relationship with each other as we learn to be “parents” to Lola. Having a puppy can be a serious strain on a relationship because it’s it seems like there is constant frustration about who’s letting her out or cleaning up after her. However, having to work through all this stuff and figure out how to allocate the increased responsibility has been good for us, and when Lola is being good, it’s rewarding to be able to share in those successes together.

Her first time swimming in the lake!

 There is no question that Lola can be a handful, but I know that we really lucked out with her because overall she’s a really sweet and fairly well-behaved dog. So I totally chalk it up to a blessing from the Lord, and not anything that Cam and I have done, we are by no means dog whispers! While she does chew up the occasional sock or tissue, she’s not really destructive at all, and I can leave her unsupervised in the other room and not have to worry that she’s going to destroy something, which is great. She just loves being with us, so when we are trying to do something like cook or get ready for work in the morning, she’ll just come in and sit or lay down on the floor. She’s pretty good about just playing with her toys, and while we play fetch with her all the time, she has no problem entertaining herself with a chew toy or bully stick. (Side note: If you have a dog and have not gotten them bully sticks yet, you are missing out. Lola LOVES these things and will literally pay attention to nothing else if we give her one.) She’s always enjoyed being in her crate since she was tiny, and most of the time it’s actually more of a struggle to get her out of her bed in the morning! She’s pretty quiet and is pretty much housebroken, thanks to her learning how to use the Poochie Bells we got for her, seriously such a life saver!

Her favorite place to be–relaxing on the couch!

 Don’t get me wrong, she’s by no means perfect. She still chews up things, she’s not great with the command “come” when we’re outside, she’s always trying to get into the dishwasher, she’s always trying to put her paws up on the counter,  and she doesn’t have great manners around food (she has no problem trying to help herself to food off anyone’s plate if they are in her immediate vicinity!). But overall, she’s just a sweet little puppy and I’m really glad that she is a part of our life!

Our little fam 🙂