Flower Friday!

Well Blogger seems to be back up and running, but that little shut-down was uber-frustrating! (and my last post is missing, so who knows if and when that will be back!)

Anyhoo, it’s Friday, and that’s all that matters. My husband arrived safely home from the Netherlands last night, and it’s SO great to have him back! (*cue the happy music*) Before he got in last night, I had the pleasure of a fun little evening out with a few of my girlfriends from work. We all purchased deals from Living Social to attend a one-hour long flower arranging workshop put on by Dahila Florist in Greenville. (Btw if you haven’t heard of Living Social, you need to check it out; it’s similar to Groupon, and each day it emails you a deal for your city, so it might be a half price certificate for a massage or restaurant. I’ve gotten so many gift certificates for lots of different restaurants and other fun places around Greenville, it’s such a fantastic idea even if it does make me buy stuff that I probably don’t need…like this class…oh well!) The class was held at a place called Coffee Underground in dowtown Greenville, and while I wasn’t sure what to expect, it ended up being a lot of fun. The class was more focused around artistic expression versus floral arranging technique, and the instructor Kristi was very big on everyone “expressing themselves through flowers.” In the beginning of the class, she had us write out a statement of intention for our arrangement, so mine was “To express my love of the natural beauty of the South through flowers.” We had our choice of a variety of pink and white flowers including mums, roses, and lilies, as well as grasses. They gave us shallow dishes filled with pre-soaked floral foam, and basically just gave us free reign to do whatever we wanted. She had some other supplies like ribbons, beads, and buttons, and taught us how to make cute poppies out of squares of fabric. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do for my arrangement, but I ended up covering my floral foam with this Spanish moss looking stuff (it reminded me of Savannah!) and then I used all white flowers. I didn’t use any ribbons or buttons to keep with my natural theme, and I tried to put my flowers and grasses at varying heights. I was pretty happy with how mine came out, and it was neat because everybody’s arrangement looked different. Not a bad Thursday night if you ask me! Here are some pictures from the class (take from my friend Wendi’s Iphone):

Making the arrangement…

The 3 of us with our finished products 🙂

My little arrangment

Speaking of flowers, when I was at the Farmer’s Market in Charleston this past weekend, I got Lola the cutest collar. It’s a turquoise, pink, and green patterned collar, but what makes it so darling is that it has a detachable flower made out of the same fabric that attaches to it! The camera on my phone isn’t great, but I tried to get a few pics anyway: 

She thinks she’s a beauty queen haha

Silly puppy 🙂

Flowers, whether their real or made out of fabric, make me happy and celebrate spring 🙂 I hope that y’all are having a happy Friday so far, and have a fabulous weekend!