Thanks Wendi!!

One of my favorite parts about getting more into blogging lately has been discovering what a vibrant community of woman bloggers there is out there. That’s why I’m so thrilled by this nomination from Earth Wind and Fire!!

Earth Wind and Fire is my friend Wendi’s blog, and it’s fabulous. I met Wendi because we both work for the same medical recruiting firm, but we’ve both recently gotten more into blogging and it’s so great to have someone in the office that I can bounce ideas off of! I appreciate her giving me this fun award, here are the rules:

• Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you
• Share seven things about yourself
• Award your favorite bloggers and tell them you have done it

So here goes, 7 Things about me:

1) I am so totally in love with my puppy Lola…she’s a 6 months old boxer lab mix that my husband and I fostered before the holidays, and we decided to keep her aka the best decision we’ve ever made. She was the runt of the litter, so she’s kind of small for her age/breed, but she’s got these GIANT ears that are just hilarious. I’ve always liked dogs, but now that I have my own, it’s a full blown obsession, and I’ve turned in to one of those crazy nuts that treats their dog like their child…it’s fine.
2) I was born and raised in Michigan, and although I miss my family now that we live in South Carolina, I LOVE the South, and I have no desire to ever move back to the Midwest. The winter is just TOO long.
3) My colleagues here in South Carolina love to give me a hard time about my “Midwest accent.” Which I do not have. People down here are the ones w/ accents…
4) My husband Cameron is my best friend and the ying to my yang, meaning, I think that we balance each other out really really well. He really tries to encourage the “green” aspects of my pink & green life! 🙂
5) I could subsist on sugar–I love ice cream, baked goods, candy, you name it, I will eat it/try to make it myself.
6) I have never dyed my hair…natural blonde baby!
7) In some ways I will like I’m much older than 24, being married and a responsible working adult and all…but at the same time, I have a childlike joy for things like Disney movies, Taylor Swift, Christmas, etc which balances it out.
Here are some of my favorite bloggers that I’d like to nominate: