What I’m Loving Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day everyone!! For some reason this week seems really long already, so I thought linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love (love her blog!) and doing a happy blog post about things that I’m loving right now would be the perfect thing to perk me up…here goes…

1. My sweet husband comes home tomorrow! He’s been over in the Netherlands for work for the past two weeks, and I’m so ready to have him back!! I wish I could have gone with him (boo work!), but here are some pretty pictures he sent me the other day from his trip:

He’s been busy busy using his smarty pants engineering skills on a wind farm!

 2. I know I’m a little late to get on this bandwagon, but I got my first pair of Tom’s Shoes a few weeks ago, and I love them!! I’m wearing them today, and they are super comfortable, and I love the philanthropic vision of their company. I got the classic olive canvas ones, because I thought the color would be versatile and not show dirt:


So now that I have one pair, I am dying to get a few more…I’d really like some red ones (with the rope soles!), some wedges (I need these), and I’m DYING for some glittery ones!

3. When I was in Charleston this past weekend, I ended up getting two of these solid color strapless maxi dresses from Forever 21. I normally don’t buy multiples of something unless I really love it and it’s a great deal, and this maxi dress definitely fell into both of those categories! It’s very very light (we’re talking borderline sheer), which will be perfect for the hot summer days that are rapidly approaching. (Actually the temperature gauge in my Jeep said it was 90 degrees when I went to go take the dog out at lunch, so I’m pretty sure summer is already here!) I got the dress in black and teal, and the best part is they were only $10 a piece! Talk about a steal! I plan on wearing these around all summer, and since they’re very simple they can be easily dressed up or down with a scarf or jewelry.

That’s not me, it’s the model from the Forever 21 website…confusing I know…ha.

4. When we were in Charleston this weekend, I took Lola to Camp Bow Wow for the night and I’m obsessed with this place. That’s right, Camp Bow Wow is a day camp/overnight camp for dogs. I’m pretty sure that someone like me aka someone that loves their dog like it’s their child is their target demographic because while I realize that this is just a fancy kennel, I think that all of the adorable branding and just the whole concept is awesome. Growing up we always had family watch our dog when we went out of town, so I was leery about the idea of taking Lola to a kennel in the first place. However, Cam and I travel a lot, and we don’t have family lives within 5 states of us, so there are going to be times that we’re going to have to board Lola. However, taking her to Camp Bow Wow I don’t feel bad at all about leaving her because she loves it! She is very social and she loves loves loves to play with other dogs, and when she’s there she gets to do it all day. I took her there for daycare the other day because they make all first time visitor do a trial day of daycare. When I came to pick Lola up, they gave me a little report card called the Doggy D-tails about how she did, and lets just say that my child is an overacheiver because she got 5 tail wags for her day at Camp Bow Wow which is the best you can get! (Yes, I do realize how ridiculous this all is, I’m fine with it.) When we took her there for the night in Charleston, she seemed to have a really great time again, and what’s neat is they have webcams in the dog play areas so we were able to watch her playing from my laptop at the hotel. Camp Bow Wow is a franchise and they have them all over the country, so I’d highly recommend taking your dog here!

5. I’m currently reading “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett and it’s excellent so far! I’m almost finished, so I’ll do a review as soon as I’m done…

 6. I’ve been on a big Greek yogurt kick the past couple of months. When mixed with some fruit, it’s an easy breakfast to grab when I’m running out the door, and it has a lot of protein, calcium, and nutrients. (Strawberry is my favorite, and it’s only 120 calories!) At first I liked Chobani brand Greek yogurt, but they’re kind of big and for me, it’s a lot of yogurt to eat in one sitting. I’ve tried a few different brands, but so far my favorite is Voskos Greek yogurt. Great flavor, great texture, and they are blended, so it’s not all soupy the way some fruit on the bottom yogurts are.

7. I am loving blogging right now! I am lucky to have my friend Wendi in my office who also likes to blog (check her out her blog Earth Wind & Fire!), which is encouraging and gives me someone to bounce ideas off of. I love reading all the new blogs I’ve started following, and you can check them out in my blogroll. I love logging in and seeing that I have a new follower or comment, so if you are enjoying my blog, it would really mean a lot if you started following me, and I’ll follow you back (if I don’t already!)…thanks!! 🙂