What I’m Loving Wednesday: Lola Beans!

Happy Hump Day everyone! Once again I’ve decided to link up with What I’m Loving Wednesday because I think it’s so great to focus on the positive and to talk about the things that make us happy, whether they’re big or small. And what’s making me happy today is my sweet 7 month old puppy Lola! (Or as we like to call her Lola Beans) My post today was inspired by an article I found on LinkedIn about the benefits of getting to bring your dog to work. While I’m not able to do that, I am fortunate that I work very close to my apartment and am able to come home everyday at lunch and take Lola for a walk and see her cute little face (and giant ears!). Here are some pictures I took at lunch today, enjoy! 🙂
Sweet puppy 🙂
Her ears are comically large…yet she doesn’t always listen…hmmm
Sometimes they stick straight up…
Other times she flattens them down
Sticking her tongue out, just a lil bit
Ready to walk!
Why is it 93 degrees out?!
Changed my mind, I’m ready to go back in the air conditioning 🙂