Friday Inspiration

The weekend is here! (almost…) I just wanted to take a quick second to talk about how much I appreciate all of my fellow bloggers out there. Sometimes when I’m writing a post about something random, it’s kind of like why am I bothering to write about this? Who cares? But I’m starting to realize that if I care about it and want to share it, that’s all that matters. That’s the great thing I love about blogging, I can just ramble on about whatever strikes my fancy, and if no one reads it, that’s cool, and if people do read it and like it, that’s great too. I really love the variety of topics and opinions you can find out here in the blogosphere and I am constantly being inspired by the posts I read everyday. (I’m trying to get better about commenting!)

For example, this morning I got up to go to Boot Camp class at my gym and while the class was super tough, I’m so glad I just got up and did it because I know I’m not going to have anytime to workout this weekend and it was a great way to start my Friday. I’m a night owl, and I rarely workout in the morning because it’s SO tough for me to drag my butt out of bed, however, it gets annoying how going to a gym class after work because it seems to take up so much of your night. However, you do really feel better when you just get up and get your workout done in the AM, and I’m really going to try to start doing that more. Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers is super dedicated to working out in the morning, and I love reading her blog. She’s great at consistenltly making healthy choices is really motivating, and I think it’s so cool that she’s decided to pursue blogging full time.

Another blog that’s really been inspiring me lately is J’s Everday Fashion. I love checking out this blog when I get into work in the morning to see what outfit she’s put together for that day. I like that she mixes a lot of different color combs together, and I just love her overall style. I feel like reading her blog has inspired me to try a little harder with the outfits I wear during the week. The dress code is pretty relaxed at my work now, so I could wear just jeans every day if I wanted. However, I have plenty of different pieces in my closet, so reading her blog has motivated me to pull out different things that I normally wouldn’t wear, because it’s like so what I’m just going to work, I might as well look good! 🙂

Speaking of style, I’ve been starting to think about how I’m going to transition my wardrobe when we make the move to Colorado. I know I’ve said this many times before but I love the South and the colorful, preppy clothes that people wear down here. However, I feel like the way people dress in Boulder is going to be a lot different. And that’s fine, I feel like my tastes have changed somewhat since Cam and I started dating and I started doing to out to Oregon, and I actually like a lot of REI/outdoorsy-type clothing, and then I love the athletic Lululemon style clothing as well. It’s hard because I feel like while I like the style of both the South and the West, those two looks don’t mesh well together. Aka a Lilly Pulitzer sheath dress doesn’t exactly pair well with a Mountain Hardware half zip. Hmmm. That’s going to be an interesting challenge, but I guess, I’ll just need to go shopping!

In anticipation of this, I’m trying to be good about not buying anything else too “Southern” that I’m not really going to use in Colorado…but that’s hard because there are some things that I’m dying to have before I leave the land of everything girly and monogrammed…Exhibit A: A giant monogrammed sun hat! (Similar to the style hat that Smiles and Sundresses is wearing in her picture!) I feel like since there is no ocean/beach in Colorado, I’ll look like a fool, but I don’t care, I want one of these giant hats with my initials on it. Pink LouLou at Confessions of a Twenty-Something had some super adorable ones on her blog yesterday, and I want one. I also really want a monogrammed picnic basket, like the one pictured below, so if anyone wants to send me either of these items as a going away present for my departure from the South, feel free 🙂

Picnic Basket Tote with Free Monogram, Pink Floral
Idk how crazy I am about this pattern in the pink, but you get the idea…so super cute/practical!

Have a great weekend everyone!! xoxo