Mad about Magazines

One of the many pesky tasks to be done when moving is changing your address…and changing the address on all of your magazine subscriptions. This is something that I’m in the process of doing right now, and it’s made me realize that Cam and I actually subscribe to quite a few! As much as I like blogging and surfing the Web, I love magazines. In my opinion, there are few things quite as relaxing as sitting by the pool with a stack of new magazines. I think I love them because I have somewhat of a short attention span, so depending on my mood I can either flip through them quickly or read the articles more in-depth. I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about some of my favorite mags; here are the ones that we currently subscribe to:

Real Simple: Love this magazine! Great recipes, helpful tips, and I just love the overall clean style and branding.  Most of all, I love the overall concept of having a more organized life 🙂

In Style: I love this magazine because it’s usually super thick, and I actually really enjoy looking at all the ads! (Is that weird?) Perfect balance of celebrity interviews with fashion and beauty features. (And they put my girl T-Swift on the cover this past month so you know I was lovin’ that!)

Southern Living: My aunt got me a subscription to this when we moved to South Carolina, and I plan on keeping it no matter where we move because I love all the beautiful Southern homes and delicious recipes! 🙂

Dog Fancy: Another gift subscription, my parents got this for us after we got Lola, but I actually really love it. They’ve always got cute puppy pictures, helpful articles, and information about different animal non-profits.

National Geographic: My dad got us this subscription as a gift, and it’s a subscription that we always growing up. I loved looking at the amazing photos when I was a kid, and I still look forward to it every month.

Wired: Ok, so this is one of Cam’s subscriptions, but I’ll admit, I do read it every month. Although it does have a lot of super geeky tech stuff, there are actually quite a few interesting articles. (Cam also gets Popular Science but that one doesn’t interest me quite as much…)

There are lots of other magazines that I really enjoy, but don’t subscribe to (yet). I do the majority of my grocery shopping at Whole Foods, and they always seem to have a really interesting selection of magazine choices, so I love discovering great new reads on my weekly shopping trips. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not above devouring an issue of US Weekly. However, these three magazines have both style and substance:

Garden & Gun: I love that this magazine really highlights modern Southern culture, and the issues I’ve seen have featured some really fun things like farmers’ markets and up-and-coming “new”grass bands. I’d highly recommend checking it out if you live in the South and haven’t already.

AFAR: I just found this magazine the other day, and it’s got me itching to plan a vacation. Most travel mags focus on luxe resorts, whereas AFAR focuses on unique locales and genuinely experience the culture of another place, in addition to having lots of beautiful photos.

Marie Claire: I really enjoy reading this magazine because it covers beauty and fashion with a more international angle, and seems to be less vapid than Glamour and Cosmo. There are lots of really great articles about both American cultural trends in addition to issues facing women around the world.

I don’t know what my current magazine subscriptions/tastes say about me, but there you have it! What magazines do you subscribe to?