What I’m Loving Wednesday!

 It’s Wedneday, woo! Once again, I’m linking up with This Kind of Love for WILW, and I’ve got a long list of things that are making me happy today! 🙂

So I really need to start packing for Portland because we’re leaving tomorrow! We’re going out to visit Cam’s family so we’ll be spending the majority of time in Oregon, and I’m really looking forward to a little vacation. We’re also going to be heading up to Seattle for a day, and I’m really excited about that because I’ve never been to Seattle before! If anyone has any suggestions of thing to do/good shopping/restaurants, let me know!

Anway, I got my bags out of my closet this morning in an effort to motivate myself to get the packing efforts underway. Unless we’re going somewhere for a really long time I never check a bag, so my large Vera Bradley duffle consistently serves as my deceptively large carry-on that allows me to fit pretty much everything I need for a long weekend. Also, I still love the Java Blue pattern even though it’s been around for awhile. (If you’ve seen my apartment, you’ll know that brown/turquoise is one of my absolute favorite color combos!) Since you’re allowed one carry-on and one personal item, such as a purse, when you fly, I usually bring one of my tote bags as my personal item, and then just stick my purse inside it, along with my Kindle, magazines, and my water bottle. (And actually, I rarely end up sticking my purse inside my tote when I’m boarding the plane, they usually aren’t super strict about the carry on + personal item rule in my experience!) I love my LL Bean Tote Monogram Tote because it’s roomy and durable, and I love that it’s pink instead of the traditional canvas. As far as my purse, I typically like to bring a smaller crossbody bag when I travel, so this trip I’m going with my Vera Bradley swingpack because it will be perfect for sightseeing in Seattle and doing a little shopping in Portland, plus it allows me to have my hands free in the airport.

Speaking of shopping, I’m dying to go out and get a pair of the new TOMS Sunglasses that were revealed yesterday! Last week, The Southern Eclectic had a post about how Tom’s was going to reveal a new product, and yesterday they unveiled their collection of super cute shades! And in the same way that when you buy a pair of their shoes, they give a pair to a child in need, their sunglasses are also going to have the same “one for one” concept, except a pair of glasses will be given to someone. SO AWESOME. As someone who has terrible eyesight, I can even imagine the challenge of living in poverty and not being able to see. I think that this was a fantastic idea all-around and just cemented my love of TOMS as a brand. You can check out the line of sunglasses here, and I’m really torn whether I want the wayfarers, the aviators, or the round Jackie-O style frames, what do y’all think? (Also, I’m really hoping I can find these in Portland this weekend because there is no sales tax in Oregon…love that!)

This week, my sweet hubby and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary, and we decided to celebrate with a low-key dinner at home, since we were out to dinner all weekend and then we’re leaving for vacation. My hubby cooked us a delicious steak dinner with green beans and smashed redskin potatoes which was so yummy! (I baked us some Mississippi Mud Pie for dessert, and I forgot to get a picture of it Monday…and now it’s all gone. Sick.) It was so nice to just relax, give each other our anniversary cards (so sweet), and reflect on what a blessing our marriage has been the past two years and how much we’re looking forward to the future together 🙂

Also, instead of getting each other anniversary gifts, Cam and I decided that we are going to get a new camera as an anniversary present to each other, and I couldn’t be more excited! After going through about 5 different point and shoot cameras during college, we’ve finally decided that it’s about time we upgrade to a real grown-up DSLR camera because we really want to have a better camera to take pictures out in Colorado. I know that you can spend upwards of $5000K on different DSLR cameras and lenses, so we’re definitely looking to go with an entry level model. We’re leaving towards Canon, but we’ve heard good things about Nikons as well, so if you have any reviews/suggestions I’d love to hear them!


Speaking of photos, my good friend Alyssa came to visit me in Greenville this past weekend, and we had a blast!! I took a bunch of pictures with my phone of our weekend together, and I am so blessed to have Alyssa as a friend. We have a ton in common, and just get along really well because we are so similar. She works as a consultant, so she has a crazy life traveling and living out of a hotel, but what I love is that she always remains true to who she is (a person that loves cats, history, speaking loudly, and collecting tiny spoons) and is just a really fun person to be around. We went out to eat in downtown Greenville, went to the Biltmore (my 4th visit there!), walked around Asheville, and laid out by my pool. Here are some pics from her visit, and I can’t wait to go visit her in DC sometime soon!

About to head in to the beautiful Biltmore! 🙂

I’m mildly obsessed with this place

A roaring good time!
Love the Blue Ridge Mountains 🙂
We are so cool haha
Gorgeous Biltmore Gardens
Downtown Greenville
Best margarita in Greenville, which reminds me I need to do a post of Greenville restaurant reviews before we move!
After our Brunch @ Mary’s Cottage
Such a fabulous weekend!

While Alyssa was here this weeekend, I borrowed her OPI nail polish in Cajun Shrimp, and I’m mildly obsessed. I’ve gotten it before for pedicures, but I forgot how it’s really is the perfect summer color, sort of an orangish, reddish, pinky, coral fruit punch shade. I need to go out and buy my own bottle immediately.

Another little thing I’m loving today is cherries! I’ve picked them up on my last few grocery shopping trips, and I love how they always bring back memories of summers in Northern Michigan. Here’s the bowl of cherries I was snacking on this morning; if I had more time before we left for Oregon, I’d so make the cherry breakfast cake I saw over at Eat Live Run!

Yes I put the cherries in a bowl that has cherries on it. Love it.

I’m loving that In the Pink & Green has gotten more followers in the past few weeks! I feel that every blogger struggles with issues about why am I blogging or whether or not their blog should be more focused. I touched on this a little bit last week, and then my friend Wendi and Peanut Butter Fingers both recently did posts about this issue as well, so I just want to let you know how much I appreciate new followers! I am definitely blogging for me (and will continue to post about every random topic under the sun) but I so appreciate the support of other bloggers! Also, I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to comment on my posts, it really means a lot to me!

And as always, I’m loving my sweet hubby & baby Lola Beans 🙂 Here’s a sweet little pic I snapped this morning when Lolz was eagerly trying to make Cam get out of bed! Have a fabulous day everyone! 🙂


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