Kate the Great

Happy Monday lovelies! I have lots of posts to put up this week, but before I get to my own life can we just stop and obsess about Kate Middleton for a minute? I know many of my fellow bloggers have been posting about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their visit to North America during their 11-day visit, but I decided I’d wait until they were on their way back to jolly old England before I commented on their trip. But I have been stalking following their visit, and I think it’s made my fascination with the royals even worse than before (if that was possible). Kate just seems to have this effortless poise and grace and her style is flawless. She made some stunning fashion choices during her time in Canada and the US, and here are a few of my favorite looks…

I LOVE this look. I am all about being festive and dressing up for a holiday, so I love that Kate chose to wear red and white for Canada Day. This dress is gorgeous (love the hem), I’m obsessed with that adorable fascinator (why don’t we wear these in the US?!), and I love how she went with the red shoes. And I love how she has on the beautiful maple leaf pin and also has maple leaves in her hat. SO. STINKING. CUTE. (Source)
This was my absolute FAVORITE thing she wore, she knocked it out of the park for the star-studded BAFTA gala. This dress is pure modern Hollywood glamour; I love the color, love the silhouette, love the belt, and as always, her hair = flawless. (Source)
A close second for me would be this purple Issa dress that she wore for an evening celebration on Canada Day. I love the color and I like that she wore her hair up because I think it looks really stunning. (Source)
While Kate did wear a lot of navy and cream on her trip (which I love), I adore this green silk Diane Von Furstenberg dress that she wore for her first US event, perfect for sunny California! (Also you can’t really see in this picture, but I love how she accessorized with nude pumps and a leopard clutch, so fab) (Source)
I love this navy lace sheath dress she chose for her arrival to Canada, very sophisticated. (Source)

There were lots of really great outfits she wore that I didn’t include because basically everything she wore on their 11-day trip was stunning. I hope that the Duke and Duchess make another stateside appearance sometime soon because I look forward to drooling over Kate’s polished fashion pics. (Like I seriously wish I was friends with her…as sick as that is, I really do) For now I’m just going to have to keep LOL-ing over the hilarious photos at Running off the Reese’s (if you haven’t checked out her blog, you’ll thank me!) Hope that everyone is having a fabulous day so far!! xoxo


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