NYC Recap: Visiting my little sister in the Big Apple!

Hi everyone, long time no talk! I am back from NYC and I had a fabulous time visiting my sister in her new hometown! I am so glad that I was able to get out there for a few days and have a little girls’ weekend, it really was a lot of fun. I thought rather than just writing all about my trip it would be easier to show you, so I’m going to apologize in advance there are a TON of pictures in this post. (My family always takes an obscene amount of pictures at every event that ever occurs, and I have definitely inherited this gene!) So enjoy my using ze blog instead of Facebook to post my photos from the trip, and look forward to lots more posts this week now that I’m back in town! (Also, thank y’all so much for all your sweet comments on my posts lately! I realize that I am fairly flaky when it comes to responding (I’m going to try to get better at that!), but I want let you know that I do see all of them and they really make my day! Also all of the new followers that have found my blog, I’m so glad you’re here!)

Reunited and it feels so good…my plane got in at 10:45pm, so I got right in a cab to head to my sister’s place on the UES, and we headed straight out to meet up with her friends…it’s funny some people think that we look like sisters and other people think we look nothing alike?
Of course I promptly borrowed clothes/shoes from my sister since I’m 80 and have no good going out clothes…I was obsessed with this orange dress! I am really feeling orange lately, it’s such a great color to go from summer to fall depending on the shade you pick…(also ignore the fact that I’m already sweating in this photo because it was still so hot out even though it was so late at night!)
Since my sister and her friends are all young and adorable, they were all about going to the trendy clubs in the Meatpacking District…also thanks to Lauren for ruining this lovely shot 😉
I am the old lady of the group haha
My sister’s friend from college who was her NYC roomie for the summer was also named Melissa…here we are hanging out at the second stop of the night…one benefit of going out with my sister and her friends is that they know all the club promoters so we were able to cut the lines and get free drinks all night…baller! (Seriously, drinks in NYC are like $14 a piece, so I was glad to have their hookup!)
Late night pizza struggle…haha.

Can’t go to NYC without getting bagels…

…and black & white cookies! (Btw, some of these pics were taken with the camera and some were taken with my phone, hence why they are all different sizes!)
Having lunch with my sweet friend Laura at Empanada Mama in Hell’s Kitchen…She and her hubby are are one our absolute favorite couples, so I’m really glad they are coming out to Colorado to visit us next month!

 Nothing like white sangria to cool off on a hot day!
Trying to enjoy NYC despite the abusively hot weather…seriously it was miserably hot, ugh.
Shopping in Soho…Melissa just fits in perfectly in so perfectly in the city 🙂
Friday night Mexican dinner with one of my college besties Dani…it was so great to catch up and share some laughs!
My sister and I both love fro-yo so she took me to an awesome yogurt place in her neighborhood, 16 Handles…I loved this place and they seemed to have a pretty eco-friendly company philosophy which was cool
Another night out in the Meatpacking District, another outfit borrowed from Melissa’s closet (I loved this polka dot skirt)…this was the night we were at the same club with Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass (I’m not a huge Gossip Girl fan, but my sister and her friends are) Apparently they have seen the Gossip Girl cast at this club before which is why it’s one of their favorite going out spots

Champagne time!

This is also the night that we went out after walking around in the 105 degree heat all day…aka exhaustion setting in…time to go sleep…

Saturday morning, my sister took me to this amazing little French cafe called Macaron…I was obsessed with this place.

Most amazing cappuccino and macarons I’ve ever had outside of Europe 🙂
Since my sister had to work Saturday, I was just walking around being a tourist 🙂

Meeting up for lunch on her break
Biggest salad ever
The store where my sister works has the most beautiful leather bags
Inside the store

Love this city
Middle Eastern dinner with my sister and her friends at Beyoglu, really cute place on the UES
Girls getting ready to go out on Saturday night…
Trying to get a good picture…thanks Lauren
This one is kind of blurry, but you get the idea….my outfit was Melissa’s, but at least this time the shoes were mine!
Lauren ruining another picture…ha
My sister and her friends wanted to go to McFaddens, which was basically just like a divey college bar…it was literally about 100 degrees inside and it was all 21-22 year olds and they let people dance on the bar…pretty much sums it up…
Disgustingly sweaty from dancing
Melissa & her college BFFs
It ended up being a really fun night and I have a great time flashing back to college 🙂
Sunday morning, I met up with another one of my college gf’s Katelynn for coffee…it was so good to see her!
I also went and saw the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at the MET…his creativity and skills were really amazing…the fact that I had to wait in line 2 hours for the exhibition was not. At. All.
Sunday lunch at Shake Shake…this was another NYC place I was excited to try out, and I think that they have great branding and a really green, community focused philosophy…
…but for me the food was just ok…it wasn’t bad, the burger was actually pretty good, but that little chocolate malt I ordered wasn’t worth $6…absurd.
Blurry pic of Melissa and I in Union Square
Melissa’s friend Lauren thought it was funny how the instant the camera comes out we automatically pose…umm yeah because we’re awesome like that 🙂
Street yoga, totally normally
Even though it’s super touristy, I heart Little Italy
Monday Manis/Pedis…like I said I’m totally feeling orange right now, and I’m loving the color I got on my nails (Essie Vermillionaire, basically the perfect orange)…as for my toes, I’m trying to savor summer with the most obnoxious shade of neon pink I could find…sort of going for a whole Day-Glo theme haha…also for how expensive everything is in NYC, manicures and pedicures are surprisingly cheap…basically every nail salon we passed had a sign to get a mani/pedi for $25 for both…you know I was not going to pass that up!
Dylan’s Candy Bar...seriously Dylan Lauren is one of the coolest people, she was a genius for coming up with this idea
Kid in a candy store…I’m such a tourist and I don’t even care
Jeff and Laura’s baby Barnabas!
Empire State Building shot to end a wonderful visit 🙂