Our New Apartment

So when I said yesterday that I’d be putting up pictures of the apartment later today, what I really meant was tomorrow! Same thing right? I feel like I was just doing this post of our last apartment in South Carolina, my how time flies! Our apartment looks pretty similar being that all the furniture is the same, but I wanted to put up some pictures of the new digs just the same…enjoy!

Oh hello, welcome to our new home!
Family Room–the walls in our apartment are a tan color, which I actually really like a lot better than having white walls!
Fireplace–Also, I swear Lola was honestly just posing on her own…she is my dog fo sho.
Lolz guarding her toy basket
Hallway–for some reason the carpet looks kind of gross in these photos, but it’s actually pretty nice
Dining area
Some beautiful blooms from the Farmer’s Market
We have a little desk in our eating area, which I actually really love! It’s perfect for typing up a quick blog post while simultaneously being close to the kitchen!
And the shelves above it are great for storing some of our kitchen things that we don’t have room for in the cupboards
More kitchen
Even more kitchen
Washer and dryer closet in the hallway
Master Bedroom
Our closet…oy vey.
Let’s head outside, shall we?
Our apartment complex
Our building (and our Jeeps that somehow miraculously both made it out here)
Our patio area (with our basil, herbs, tomatoes, and peppers that we planted)

 So that’s our new place! We also have a second bedroom that’s not pictured…we’re supposed to be using it as an office, but right now it’s just a big hodge podge of unorganized books, tools, camping gear, and half unpacked boxes. I figured if I waited until it was all clean to put these pictures up, I might be waiting a longgggg time, so you’ll just have to use your imagination for that room. All in all, I’m very happy with our new apartment so far (especially considering we chose it sight unseen); it’s close enough for Cam to ride his bike to work and it’s easy to get to both downtown Longmont and downtown Boulder from where we live. That’s all for now, happy Thursday everyone! xoxo