Weekend Eats

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope that y’all have had a great weekend! Cam, Lola, and I did quite a bit of exploring and I got some great snaps that I’ll be sharing later this week. For now, I just wanted to share some recipes that I mentioned on Friday because they ended up being pretty delicious. PLUS they also serve double duty as breakfast dishes which is perfect for the weekend for the weekend. Score. 

The first dish was a Tex-Mex skillet, and I got the super simple recipe idea off a flyer I picked up at Whole Foods, which goes to show you never know where cooking inspiration will come from! All you do is take 1lb of ground beef (preferably grass fed) and sauté it with 1-2 tbs of chili powder. Then once the meat is browned add your choice of veggies. I went with a can of black beans (rinsed and drained), one chopped tomato, one chopped red onion, some chopped garlic, and a chopped yellow bell pepper. Once the veggies are tender, serve it over some fresh baked corn bread (preferably Jiffy–yeah Michigan made products!) and serve with your choice of cheese, guac, salsa, and/or sour cream. This is seriously the easiest thing in the world to make, like it’s not even a recipe, you just dump whatever you  have together and put it over cornbread but it’s actually really good. The sweetness of the cornbread pairs well with the spices, and it’s just a quick delicious dinner. AND the best part is that if you’re cooking for two, you’re going to have leftovers. So what you can do is just take the remaining beef/veggie mixture, put it back in the saute pan, crack a couple eggs over it, and heat it up. Add a little fresh sliced avocado and you’ve got the perfect weekend brunch from your Friday night dinner. Boo-yah!

You can’t really see in this picture, but there’s a delicious piece of cornbread underneath the meat and veggies
Nothing like a little homemade guac 🙂

 Second dish on Friday’s date night agenda was a Cherry Vanilla Cake. Now I saw this over on Eat Live Run (one of my absolute most favoritest blogs) awhile ago and have been dying to try it, so I thought it would be the perfect way to use my cherries from the farmer’s market. This link to the recipe has fairly detailed instructions that I basically followed to a tee…well I did make a few exceptions to compensate for the fact that I now currently live about 5000 feet…but other than that, I followed it exactly and it came out perfectly! Just a couple tips–you’re going to need about 40 cherries, and it’s kind of a pain cutting them up. But that’s really the hardest part, other than that the cake is a snap. And it can also serve as a double duty breakfast food as well because it’s not overly sweet, it’s actually more like a coffee cake than a true dessert so it’s perfect for a grab and go weekend breakfast.

Cutting these up is annoying, but it’s worth it!

…and after!
May have been a little overzealous with the ice cream, but I hate when I have an improper cake to ice cream ratio!

I just had to share these two dishes because Cam and I have been enjoying them all weekend long (we had some leftover cake for breakfast on our way to Garden of the Gods on Saturday and the Tex-Mex skillet scramble before church this morning)…hooray for double duty foods!

As for other news from this weekend, I did enjoy our Friday night Netflix pick, Love and Other Drugs, but that’s probably because I like Jake Gyllenhal and Anne Hathaway. As for Saturday night, we ended going to see the movie Horrible Bosses and I give it two big thumbs up. Seriously, I thought it was hysterical. Definitely raunchy and kind of stupid, but I was LOL-ing through the whole thing. The whole premise kind of reminded me of the movie Date Night, except I thought this way funnier. That’s also probably because Jason Bateman and Jason Sudakis are two of my faves, but really the entire cast was awesome. I’d highly recommend this movie!


So all in all a good weekend…more posts to come later this week with more pictures of beautiful Colorado! Also, I’m currently baking something delicious and I was going to try to include it in this post, but it’s smelling so yummy that I think it’s going to warrant it’s own separate post later this week. Night everyone, hope your weekend was fabulous! 🙂