Makeup Monday

Happy August everybody, I can’t believe how fast the summer is flying by! I hope that everyone had a fabulous weekend, I have some pics/details to share from mine, but before I get to that I wanted to take minute to talk about makeup. When I was in NYC this weekend, I was able to hang out with some of my sister’s friends who are total makeup junkies. As a person who regularly shops at Sephora (and is a VIB obviously…meaning I’ve dropped a fair amount of dough there in the past year…ackkk) I feel like I know my fair share about products, but these girls were on a whole other level of awesome-ness when it comes to knowledge of beauty brands. Talking with them really inspired me to re-examine my beauty routine (aka finally washing all my makeup brushes this weekend…they were way overdue for a cleaning) and encouraged me to throw a few new products into the mix, so I wanted to share some of my finds with all of you! 🙂

(Image via Sephora)

Now here in Colorado, people really don’t wear much makeup. At all. Like none. Which is fine, and a lot of the time in the summer I too enjoy a makeup free face. However, sometimes, my skin gets a little crazy (at age 24, awesome) and I need some sort of concealer/foundation. I had been using the Makeup Forever HD Foundation and Full Coverage concealer for awhile now, however, both of those products are liquid and lately I’ve been feeling like I really want a product that’s more of a cream. Enter Cover FX. When I was in Sephora in NYC, I was in one of those rare moods (for me anyway) where I’m really looking for one of the sales associates to sell me on a product. I happened to get help from a flamboyant male make-up artist working in the store, and boy did he know his stuff! He suggested the brand Cover FX, which was actually developed by dermatologists, and more specifically he encouraged me to try Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation. It’s a cream foundation that actually doubles as a concealer and what I love about it is that it provides very full coverage without being heavy, meaning it will totally camouflage an inflamed pimple (not that I have have those…oh right) or dark circles with out feeling mask-like. I love that you can just dab a little on one spot like a concealer or use it to even out your whole face like a foundation, plus it’s got SPF 30! My new makeup artist friend applied it for me in the store (it goes on great with a foundation brush), and suggested shade E40 for my skin tone. At $42, it’s a little pricey, but in my opinion, foundation is not an area of makeup where you want to cut corners because it provides the canvas for your look. So far I’ve been really happy with this product overall and I’d highly suggest it if you’re in the market for some new foundation/concealer! 

(Image via Sephora)

My second NYC Sephora purchase was more of an impulse buy (gotta love those!) thanks to those bins that have in front of the register (such a trap that I always fall for). But in my defense, it was actually a product(s) that I’ve been meaning to try for quite sometime. I got the Feelin’ Cheeky Mini Set by Benefit, which includes a miniature bottle of Benetint, Posietint, and High Beam. I had been wanting to try the Benetint lip and cheek tint for a long time as I know it’s a very popular product, however, I had just never gotten around to actually purchasing it. I have very oily skin so I tend to gravitate towards powder blushes and bronzers, however, I had also been wanting to try Benefit’s liquid High Beam highlighter for sometime as well because I do like a little shimmer on my cheeks from time to time. (As does this fellow makeup maven!) I am so glad I purchased this set because I am happy to say that I LOVE all three products. Sure the bottles they give you are small, but you really use such a tiny bit of this product anyway that I feel like the mini bottles will last me awhile. Benetint is the perfect cherry popsicle-esque lip stain, and I love the glow my cheeks get from High Beam. However, my favorite of the three is actually the Posietint! This pretty pink lip and cheek stain goes perfectly with my skin tone, and it gives a very natural, girlie flush to my cheeks and lips. And I love that you can just dab a little on either over foundation or bare skin and you feel like you’re not wearing any makeup at all. It’s absolutely perfect for faking that “natural” Rocky Mountain High aka I have this lovely glow from doing yoga and eating all organic food. Not that I’m hating on yoga or eating organic food because I do both, but all I’m saying is that sometimes a girl needs a little help! So for $15, I’d highly recommend this adorable little set! 🙂

And since I’m in such a makeup-lovin’ mood, I wanted to end today’s post by telling y’all about the fabulous giveaway happening over at A Complete Waste of Makeup. Neely is giving away a year’s subscription to Birchbox, which is basically a makeup lover’s dream. Every month they deliver a box of amazing beauty products right to your door, so definitely head over an enter! (But hopefully I will win…muahaha). 

Time to go make some pesto for din-din…more on that…and my weekend…and other stuff (like yoga? yesss)…soon!! xoxo