What’s making me happy Monday!

Good morning, good morning everyone! I hope that your weekend was fabulous 🙂 I had a lovely and relaxing last few days logging some much-needed quality time with my hubby and my dog. There were lots of great things about this weekend, as well as just things about life in general right now that are making me smile, so since I haven’t done one in a while, I figured a good old-fashion list post was in order…so here’s what’s making me happy on this beautiful Monday:


+ Midnight In Paris: Friday night, Cam and I finally went to go see ‘Midnight In Paris’ which is a movie that I had been wanting to see for awhile now, and I loved it! It had a great cast and all the beautiful shots of Paris really make me want to go back ASAP. I didn’t really know much about the storyline going in, and I’ll admit, it was different than I expected, but I really enjoyed it and it perfectly captured the allure of Paris. If you’re looking for a feel-good movie, I’d highly recommend it!

+ The fact that Kim Kardashian’s wedding is over: Am I the only one that is absolutely sick of hearing about this? And while I know that the media frenzy over this will be continuing for awhile, I’m just happy it’s done so hopefully I can stop hearing about every single second. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my fair share of the Kardashians/US Weekly/trashy reality TV, I think what’s irritating me about her wedding is she’s trying to act like it’s America’s royal wedding. It’s not. I think the fact that she copied some of the royal wedding details like their cake and the ivory bridesmaids dresses is kind of lame. Kim K, you are no Kate Middleton so just stop. K thanks.

I got to walk this little cutie during my orientation Saturday…he looks tough, but he was so sweet!

+ Volunteering at the Humane Society: On Saturday morning, I completed the second part of my volunteer training at our local Humane Society, and I have my first dog walking shift later this week! Everyone has different causes that they’re passionate about, and mine is definitely animals, and dogs in particular. I volunteered at the Humane Society in Ann Arbor and in Greenville (and I think we all know what resulted from that experience), and so when we moved to Colorado, I was eager to get involved once again. While it is really heartbreaking to go volunteer because I really wish I could just take every dog home with me, I know that at least getting the dogs out for regular walks helps them manage some of the stress and over-stimulation that comes with being in a shelter, and hopefully burning off a little of that excess energy will help them be a little more calm which usually means they are more likely to get adopted! The Humane Society here in Longmont is really well-organized, and I’m excited to hopefully help some deserving dogs find their forever homes!

Oh don’t mind me, just a roadside photo shoot…not. I just had to get a picture of this suit because I am seriously obsessed with it! 🙂 (Also sorry this pic is a little blurry, took it w/ ma phone!)

+ Tubing on the St. Vrain River: This weekend was pretty hot, so to beat the heat and soak up what’s left of summer, we took our new tubes floating down the St. Vrain River in nearby Lyons, CO. There was a big folk festival going in Lyons this weekend, so there were lots of hippie families camping near the river which made for some interesting people watching. I wore my bikini that I won from the Voda Swimwear giveaway over at The Seattle Smiths earlier this summer, so thanks again Kelsey for my cute suit, I love it! 🙂

I was lazy with my camera this weekend, and I obviously didn’t take this picture (It’s from the Rio Grande website), but I love that you can see how beautiful downtown Boulder is in this photo! (Source)

 + I found the best margaritas in Boulder: That’s right, an awesome discovery was made by moi this weekend. Saturday night, Cam and I had dinner at a Mexican place called Rio Grande, and while the food was just alright, their margaritas were so SO good (and surprisingly strong). Plus, they have a lot of outdoor seating, so anywhere where I can eat delicious guac and drink yummy margs is a place that I’ll surely be returning.

Since I was too lazy to actually take a picture of my nails/nail polish this weekend, I happened to do a Google Image search that resulted in a picture of the two shades I just purchased over at Makeup and Beauty Blog, great minds think alike! (Source)

+ Summery nail polishes: In my effort to enjoy the remaining last little bit of summer, I picked up a couple fun nail polishes–Barracuda, a fun light blue for my fingers and Coral Fever, a pretty coral color for my toes, both are Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (which I personally think holds up just as well as Essie or OPI). I got the urge try a light blue fingers when I saw my girl T.Swift wearing it in her new video (and then when I went back to look at the video, I realized that the nail polish she’s wearing is like metallic green…go me.) I realize that I’m a total 13 year old girl, but if anyone in Denver has extra tickets to her show on 9/27 that they’re looking to get rid of let me know because I’d LOVE to go, but it’s completely sold out 🙁


+ Sleeping Bear Dunes: Speaking of summer, did anyone else see that last week Good Morning America named Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore as America’s Most Beautiful Place?! I was so thrilled because every summer for basically my whole life until I moved out of Michigan my family went camping there and I can tell you that I wholeheartedly agree with their selection! Lake Michigan in the summer is so gorgeous, and it’s one of my favorite places in the world. I wasn’t able to make it there this summer, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to next year, and I just wanted to give a shoutout to my home state! Check out this video for complete coverage of the awesomeness 🙂

+ I finished the book series I’ve been reading and did a really awesome hike: However, both of those weekend accomplishments warrant their own separate posts, so be on the lookout for those posts in the next day or two!

Be warned…(Source)

+ Frozen treats: I’m not gonna lie, I had some form of ice cream all 3 days this weekend, and it was glorious. (Perhaps I’m taking this whole savoring the end of summer a wee bit too far? Well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it…) Friday, I had some Boulder Ice Cream Company mint chocolate chip ice cream at the movies and I am obsessed with their ice cream, it’s so rich and creamy and it’s locally made so it makes me feel a little bit better about eating it. Saturday, after our Mexican din I finally tried out Smooch, a fro-yo place in downtown Boulder. I got a small original tart with raspberries (so actually a fairly healthy but still delicious option), and while I thought the yogurt was really good, it wasn’t a self serve place, meaning that girl who served it to me put about 6 raspberries on top. Six. Not ok. I like a better fruit to fro-yo ratio, and I hate when they skimp on the toppings like that. (Seriously they had a ton of raspberries and it was like 9:30pm at night, and since raspberries spoil in like a day, you’d think they could have given me a few more….hmph) Sunday, we stopped at this old school soft-serve place in Lyons that I’ve been wanting to try on the way home from our hike. Nothing says summer like a chocolate-dipped cone! 🙂 I’m hoping that I can make at least another batch or two of homemade ice cream or sorbet before Labor Day…


+ Fall Fashion Mags: Now I do realize summer can’t last forever, and despite what my ice cream craze would lead you to believe, I’m actually very excited about the arrival of fall. This weekend, I was able to spend some time enjoying some of my September magazines that arrived in the mail last week as I always look forward to these super thick issues every year. I particularly enjoyed seeing one of my personal faves Beyonce on the cover of Instyle, and I’m super excited to pull out my sweaters oh so soon!


+ Missoni for Target: Speaking of fall fashion, can I just say how excited I am for this?! The lookbook for the Missoni for Target collection was released earlier this month, and the goods will be in stores in less than a month. I absolutely loved this Calypso line Target had back in the spring, but I have a feeling that this is going to be even better. Cannot wait. Speaking of Target, they actually have a really cute pair of real leather boots online right now that look exactly like Frye’s Melissa riding boot, except they are a fraction of the price…hmmm…what do you think? (Just fyi, the picture I found of the Target boots isn’t as clear, so here’s the link to check them out on the website for comparison sake!)

(Source) & (Source)

+ Visitors: And last but not least, I’m super excited for the many visitors that are going to be coming out to Colorado to see us this fall! As I mentioned, Cam’s parents were in town recently, and their visit was just the beginning of what’s looking to be a very busy next couple of months! Tomorrow we have our sweet friends Jeff & Laura coming in to town, and I’m so excited to spend time with them as they are one of our favorite couples. Not too long after Jeff and Laura leave, my parents are coming out to visit in early September and I can’t wait for their visit. Then last week, I had two friends book plane tickets to come out to Colorado later in the fall/winter, so I’m really pumped about that as well. I feel fortunate that we had the opportunity to move out to such a beautiful state, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with my friends and family.


+ I finally watched Tangled: Last but not least, this weekend had a sweet end when my hubby agreed to watch Tangled with me. Yes the Disney movie that I put at the top of our Netflix queue. I have been wanting to see this movie since it was in the theater and you know what? It was awesome. Seriously, so so cute 🙂 (And I’m pretty sure that Cam laughed more than I did, but keep that on the DL because I don’t think he’d want me announcing that fact…ha)

Well I think that about does it for today’s rambling list post, if you’re still reading this, thanks for sticking with me 🙂 I just want y’all to know how much I appreciate all the sweet comments on my posts and new followers of In the Pink and Green, it really makes my day! This blog is sort of my personal space to write about whatever pops into my mind…and sometimes that’s a lot of random things, like today! (Was my longest paragraph in today’s post seriously venting about the fact that I didn’t get enough toppings on my frozen yogurt two days ago? Wow. The fact that anyone reads this blog is beyond me sometimes…or maybe, just maybe, I’m not the only person who has felt the frustration of not getting the right fruit to fro-yo ratio? Ok I’m stopping now.) I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend and have a happy Monday! xoxo