Labor Day Part 1: Grand Teton National Park (& Jackson Hole)

So I’m just going to go ahead and warn you (again), we took a lot of pictures this weekend…but justifyably so, as Grand Teton National Park is truly one of the most gorgeous places on Earth! I had been to the park once already when I was a kid, and I can still distinctly remember getting off the plane in Wyoming and breathing in the air when we got off the plane and thinking that it seemed so fresh. (Random memory, but it stuck in my mind!) I was amazed at how beautiful the mountains were then, and was still as equally awe-struck on this visit. Cam had never been before, and although we see mountains from our apartment in Colorado everyday, there is something about the Tetons that is just so breathtaking.

After leaving Friday morning and making the 8.5 hour drive (through the nothingness of central Wyoming…seriously if you want to get away from people, this is the state for you) we finally arrived in the park. We explored the park Friday afternoon, ate dinner in Jackson Hole on Friday, spent the majority of Saturday taking in more of the beautiful sights this park has to offer before heading north to Yellowstone, and then we stopped back through for breakfast on our way home Monday morning. The nice thing about Grand Teton is that the park is fairly compact and there are great views of the mountains from pretty much everywhere. Jackson Hole is a really fun area as well, and if you’ve never been out West, this is the place I would suggest to see….but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Finally made it!
Lots of buffalo just roaming around…they are so cute 🙂

Grizzly in the Visitor Center…closest I got to a bear on this trip…

Before dinner at the Snake River Brewery–both the beer and the food were good, but not great…

Downtown Jackson Hole

Friday night, we stayed in a tent cabin in Colter Bay Village…pretty basic, but good for one night!
Watching the sun rise from Signal Mountain on Saturday morning

So pretty 🙂
So early…hence why we are still in our sweats!
Saturday was also the first Michigan Football game of the season so you know that I had to show my school spirit! (Also, I was trying to take some jumping pictures but then I remembered I’m horrible at them–oh well, GO BLUE!)
Boat ride on Jenny Lake
Hidden Falls
Inspiration Point
Hiking 🙂
This little church is so amazing, the windows behind the altar have the most heavenly view!

Giant breakfast at Jackson Lake Lodge before heading back to Colorado–we were seated right next to the window and had gorgeous views of the Tetons, plus the food was great! I’d highly suggest this place!
Kinda sad we didn’t see a bear this trip…guess we’ll have to come back!

Stay tuned for more pictures from our weekend–Yellowstone is up next! xoxo


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