Happy Hump Day everybody! So. My parents are in town this week, hence my slight hiatus from blogging, but something happened that I felt was so urgent I that it just had to address it immediately.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that yesterday was the release of Missoni’s long-awaited collection for Target. I had been looking forward to this for months, and had been planning on going with my mom for the release for the past few weeks. And although I knew there was a lot of buzz about this collection and I had heard talk of people planning to get to Target right when the store opened, I figured that would only happen in places like NYC.

Cut to yesterday. My parents and I had a great day; we went for a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park (pictures to come soon!), I attended an orientation for a volunteer program I’m really pumped about (more details to come on that later too…), and I took my mom to my favorite fro-yo place (obvs). Long story short, we didn’t get to Target until about 9pm last night, but I’m thinking no big deal because today is the first day, things shouldn’t be too picked over yet…right?

Wrong. Oh so wrong.

We walked in to Target and literally all the Missoni racks were empty except for one tiny sweater. I asked one of the employees about it, thinking that maybe their shipment was a day late or something, and she told me that people were waiting in line when the store opened and everything sold out almost immediately. There were a few random pairs of children’s shoes and a few picture frames, but that was about it. It was like a fashion wasteland, just absolutely cray cray.

I should have known that the early bird gets the affordable chevron shift dress.

My mom and I went to the Target in Boulder last night, so as soon as I finish breakfast, we are going to pop over to the SuperTarget right by my house and see if they’ve got anything left. Although I was excited for this collection and wanted to get a piece or two, I didn’t really care that much about it. But now that it’s all sold out, it’s a different story. I must find me some Missoni.

I’ll let you know how the hunt goes, hopefully y’all had better luck at your local Target than I did. (And I realize that the fact that not being able to find the Missoni collection at Target is my biggest problem in life right now is just absurd. Joke life Jane.)

Also, I’ll be back to my normal postings ASAP (well, as soon as my parents go back to the mitten state) so don’t worry, there will be more ITP&G in your life soon and I’ve got lots of great fall posts coming up! But speaking of the Mitten State (or Michigan, for those of you who clearly don’t know about the awesomeness that is America’s high-five), I want to give a huge thank you shout-out to my blogging bud Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds because I won her giveaway last week!! Yay for me. (In case you don’t remember, we went on a blate a few months back and you should go follow her blog now because it’s awesome.) Anyway, she was giving away a t-shirt from the Michigan-based company The Mitten State, and I’m in love with their cool vintage designs. If you are from Michigan or you just like Michigan or you just want a cute t-shirt, go check out their site! Here’s the shirt I’m getting:

So adorable right? I can’t wait to wear it out here in Colorado and let everyone know how awesome my home state is. Speaking of which, I’m off to enjoy the time I have left with my parents, hopefully in some new Missoni ballet flats if I’m lucky. Ciao for now lovelies. Xoxo