Wanderlust at Work

Happy Sunday friends! I don’t typically post on the weekends, but
I’ve been eager to catch up with all my friends in the blogosphere since my
parents left to fly back to Michigan on Friday…but once again my weekend has been pretty packed so that
have to wait until later. (And I actually tried posting this yesterday from my phone, but it didn’t work so I’m trying again today!) I feel like life is just so busy right now
(especially the weekends!), and while I’m not complaining because it’s
good stuff like travel and out of town visitors, it’s also a little bit exhausting at the same time. I just feel like
is going by so fast, and that we’re not going to have a weekend to just chill until November. But at the same time, I have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks so c’est la vie. 

Yesterday, I had to work at the travel store, and

despite how hectic our schedule is right now I can’t seem to fight the urge to want to start planning a vacation to somewhere exotic. But I suppose that’s inevitable when I spent the whole day staring at this: 

So while I’ve got lots of posts swirling around in my head that I’ll hopefully find the time to get to this week, right now I want to know–what is your favorite international destination you’ve visited? And if you’ve never traveled overseas, where would you most like to go? I’m looking forward to getting some new daydream material:)