What I’m Loving Wednesday

It’s been quite some time since I linked up with Jaime for WILW, and because I have tons of pics on my camera from the past week or two (I’m seriously obsessed with the Retro Camera app for Android), I decided that it would be the perfect way to share some random things I’m loving right now:

Even though fall doesn’t technically start for two more days, I’m loving the pretty autumn sunflowers currently gracing my kitchen table.

Fall nail polishes–while my parents were here my sweet momma treated us to a little girls’ day of mani/pedis and I chose the super fall-ish shimmery dark burgundy shade of Glove You So Much by OPI for both my nails and toes. It’s so perfect for fall and I absolutely this color. She also bought me an Essie nail polish at Target (during our failed Missoni mission) in Power Clutch, a super chic grey from their fall collection that I’m excited to try out after this mani chips.

Sunflower Market–I am officially obsessed with this store. It’s kind of like a mix of Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, and I love that have good produce and (relatively) good prices on organic items. I’m also loving some great foodie finds that I recently picked there:

  • Crave Canyon Wasabi-Ginger Kettle Corn–they have a lot of great flavors, but this one in particular is so so delicious! It’s slightly sweet with a really interesting tangy zip from the wasabi. Definitely worth a try if they distribute Crave Canyon in your area. 
  • Natural Vines Black Licorice–Black Licorice is one of those things that people either love or hate…and if you’re like me and you love it, then you’ll really like this soft licorice bites, they’re seriously so yummy. 
  • Palm Island Black Lava Sea Salt–this stuff is great for jazzing up meat or veggies with a smoky flavor, plus I just think colored salts are really fun and make me feel like I’m a super cool chef (as lame as that sounds). 

Lola’s cute Michigan collar–she may look like a boy in her maize and blue, but I don’t care because my Wolverines are 3-0 baby! Woot woot! (Also I realize she looks semi-dead in this pic, but the only time I could get a good shot of her collar is after we played 613 games of fetch and she proceeded to pass out on the floor) I cannot WAIT to be back in the Big House this weekend to watch my Wolverines!

Fresh Sugar Passion Lip Treatment–I am a little obsessed with these guys, but seriously they’re great. And while I agree that spending this much on what is essentially lip balm is a little ridiculous, but I think sometimes it’s kind of nice to treat yourself and indulge a little bit on an everyday item. For some people that might mean fancy underwear or expensive lotion or whatever, for me it’s this. I’ve tried the Rosé and the Honey shades, and when my mom told me that they were coming out with a red one (I’ve gotten her hooked too), I wanted to check it out. Luckily they had just come in at the Boulder Sephora before my mom left to fly back, so we were both able to get one. I’m loving the vibrant pinky-red shade for fall, and the super-moisturizing balm is perfect for fall’s cooler temps aka chapped lips! Check it out here. 

Fall produce–I love seeing pumpkins and colorful squashes everywhere, and I’m excited to make some autumn recipes in the weeks to come!


The funniest website I’ve seen in a long time–If you are an avid US Weekly reader like moi, then you will definitely find Suri’s Burn Book highly entertaining. Seriously hilarious.

New Belgium Brewing–I know I already mentioned my tour here earlier this week, but seriously, I love that this is a mere 45 minutes from my house (in addition to a lot of other great breweries). It means that a lot of restaurants around here serve their beer and more than just Fat Tire, but their other brews too. Cam and I were up in Fort Collins this past weekend (more on that later) and I had their Hoptober and their 1554 Black Ale…delish.

And last but not least, the fact that I’m going to be seeing these two people again this weekend! Fall is the best time of year in Michigan, and I can’t wait to be back in the mitten state in only two days!

Happy Hump Day Lovelies! xoxo