Fall Decorating for a Small Space

Happy October friends! I’m a little behind on posting, but life has seriously been CA-RAZY lately. I had out of town company this weekend, and one of my friends is still in town for a few more days, then we’ve got another out of town guest coming in this weekend…and then we leave to go out of town to Oregon next week. Whew. So while I’ll have plenty to share in the weeks to come about all that fun stuff, I wanted to take some time this week to pause for a minute and focus on my favorite season–fall! All my posts this week are going celebrate the great things about autumn, and I wanted to start by sharing the fall touches currently brightening up our home. Living in an apartment means that a) there isn’t a whole lot of room to decorate for the seasons (boo) and b) there isn’t tons of space to store decorations (double boo). But despite these challenges, I still try to bring in a little festivity of the changing seasons where I can…here’s what I mean:

Can’t wait to carve pumpkins!
Although I love how cheerful orange pumpkins are, I also really love the more subtle look of white pumpkins as well. I really like how they accent the mantle without being too much.
True life: My dog is a creeper…ha. More white pumpkins, and some fall reading material–my Southern Living magazines! Even though we’re out west now, I’ll always love the South! 🙂
My craft project from last year.
Some sunshine on my kitchen table.
So I actually ended up moving my decoupage pumpkins over to a different part of the family room (but didn’t feel like taking another picture…) because I had to make room for this–a candy corn votive holder and my fall bucket list–it’s been all over Pinterest, and I thought it was just the cutest thing. 
Close up of the list…you can download the printable here, and visit the blog it came from here.
And last but not least, I can’t forget my Michigan pumpkin…Halloween + Football = the most festive fall pumpkin ever. Plus, my Wolverines are 5-0 right now so I’m super excited about that!

I am so looking forward to having a house one day so I can decorate more elaborately for the seasons, but for now, my little apartment touches make me smile. Stay tuned for another dose fall goodness tomorrow! Xoxo