Dressing for Thanksgiving

And no, I’m not talking about stuffing! (Ha)
I’ve already talked about my Thanksgiving menu and decor ideas this week, so today I wanted to share some of my favorite outfit inspirations for tomorrow’s holiday. In my opinion, the perfect turkey day outfit is both stylish and comfortable. Because after all, who wants to be stuffed in some fussy outfit after you’ve consumed massive quantities of turkey/stuffing/dessert? Being that I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year, I’ll be spending a lot of the day in the kitchen, so it’s really important that I wear an outfit that I can move in yet looks pulled together (so not sweats…). So what’s an outfit that satisfies all these criteria?
A cozy dress + fun tights + cute boots = the perfect Thanksgiving outfit.

This combo is something that I wear on a regular basis during the fall/winter months, but it’s a perfect go-to outfit for Thanksgiving. You’ll look polished yet relaxed, and have plenty of room for a Thanksgiving food baby because there’s nothing like eating so much food that you literally look like you’re with child.

Here are some looks from my pinboard that I think would be perfect for tomorrow:

Source: gallery.me.com via Jane on Pinterest

Source: gap.com via Jane on Pinterest

Source: chictopia.com via Jane on Pinterest

Depending on how warm it is where you live, you may want to skip the tights…

Source: shopbop.com via Jane on Pinterest

Source: vestique.com via Jane on Pinterest
As for me, I’ve got some baking and prep work on my agenda for today, and then the rest of our menu and Thanksgiving decor will come together tomorrow (hopefully). My sister flew in to town yesterday morning, and it’s great to have my family in Colorado. We’re having gorgeous sunny weather here this week, and it’s supposed to be almost 70 degrees for Thanksgiving tomorrow! Woo!

Safe travels to everyone heading home today, see y’all tomorrow! Xoxo

PS: My Thanksgiving Nail Polish…

It’s Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (aka the best nail polish ever) and the color is called Haute Chocolate. It’s a lovely, shimmery reddish brown that’s perfect for eating turkey 🙂


Also funny side note, when I was going to upload this picture from my phone Cam and my mom happened to notice and Cam’s response was “When were you riding on a bus?” and my mom’s was “Why do you have a picture of you holding Lola’s tail?” Ha. This picture is neither of those things…it was taken yesterday morning on the elliptical…because taking pictures of your nails during you’re working out is totally normal. Obvs.