The rest of our weekend…

This weekend was probably one of the best I’ve had in a long time because it was both productive and relaxing. My 10K on Saturday morning was definitely one of the highlights, but the rest of it was was pretty great too.
It started off with a really great hot yoga class at Core Power Friday night after work. They have a special where you can try out the studio for a week for free, so that’s what I’m doing right now and I’m loving it! Their studios are heated, but not as hot as a Bikram class, and most of their classes are an hour instead of 90 mins. They have studios in a few other areas of the country including California and Chicago, so if there is one near you I would definitely give it a try. Post yoga, I ate some pasta, played around with ze blog (I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new look!), and went to bed early.
After Saturday’s race, Cam and I headed home and got to work cleaning the apartment. I don’t know how it seems to get so messy during the week, but it really does. A lot of times one of us will want to clean and the other isn’t really into it, but for some reason on Saturday we were both super motivated and we got the apartment spotless by working together. I feel so much more relaxed when everything is picked up and having the apartment clean just makes me feel so much more at peace. It was nice to get everything done on early in the day on Saturday so we could enjoy it for the rest of the weekend, and we actually had fun cleaning together as sad as that sounds. But of course cleaning is tiring, so an afternoon nap was required.

This is what I walked in the bedroom to find…hilarious.
Saturday also consisted of taking Lola to the dog park and a Target shopping trip, two of my favorite weekend activities. At Target, I got a lot of cute things to fill our Operation Christmas Child boxes to turn in at church yesterday. Operation Christmas Child distributes shoe boxes full of gifts to children in need all over the world, and I think it’s such a neat concept. We filled one boy box and one girl box, and I hope that whoever receives the boxes enjoys them! If you’re interested in participating, shoe boxes are being collected this week around the country, so click here to find a drop-off center in your area.

Saturday night was date night! Cam and I went to dinner at the Greenbriar Inn in Boulder because they were one of the restaurants participating in First Bite Boulder, a local restaurant-week type event. It was fun to try some place new and I loved all the food I had, particularly their pumpkin bisque. The soup was so creamy, yet it had a little bit of heat to it and it was topped with blue cheese so the combination of flavors was out of this world. After dinner, we went to the Boulder Theater to watch this year’s Warren Miller film, Like There’s No Tomorrow. For those of you who are unfamiliar (aka me until Cam bought us tickets for this), it’s a compilation of all these short films of ridiculously good skiers and snowboarders doing crazy things in gorgeous mountains all over the world. The film tours around the country, so if it’s coming to your city definitely check it out!

Cam loves when I take pictures of him…ha.

Sunday was pretty standard: church, grocery shopping, and out to lunch at one of my favorite little lunch places, Mod Market. This place has the best salads for only $5, and I love the modern decor.

Sunday afternoon, we deciding to go hiking in Chautauqua Park which is right on the edge of downtown Boulder. We wanted to hike up to Royal Arch, this cool stone formation that’s in the black & white photo at top of this post. The hike was supposed to be fairly steep, but since it was less than 4 miles round trip, we figured we’d be fine starting later in the day.

Wrong. So wrong. We finally made it to the Arch (which was pretty cool) and at this point the light was already fading pretty fast. (Damn you Daylight Savings Time!) We took a few minutes taking in the views of Boulder, and then hightailed it back down.

It got really dark really fast, so not ideal for trying to find your way downhill over very rocky terrain. Luckily my always prepared husband had remembered to throw one of our headlamps into the Camelback we brought “just in case”, and it ended up being such a lifesaver! Luckily we made it back to our car safe and sound and even though we were freezing cold, I couldn’t resist a stop at Ripple. (I didn’t even bother taking a photo of my fro-yo because it had so much candy on it I was actually a little embarrassed)
And finally, after we got home last night I made a pot of this beef barley soup (yum!!) and I ordered our Christmas cards! Yay! So happy to have one thing checked off the holiday to-do list. In the past, I’ve ordered my Christmas cards from Tiny Prints, but after the Easter cards I ordered from Shutterfly this spring came out so cute, I decided to go with them for my Christmas cards as well. I know there was a thing going around the blogosphere to get $25 off cards from Shutterfly if you posted a link on your blog or something, but I never got that figured out….but right now the cards at Shutterfly are 40%, address labels are 10% off, and all orders over $30 ship free, so I still feel like I got a pretty great deal on my cards! I’m excited about the design we picked, and definitely be sharing the finished product with you in the next few weeks!
So I know that was kind of a crazy long weekend recap post, but if you’re still reading good job. I’ll be back tomorrow morning with a recipe you don’t want to miss! See you then! Xoxo


  1. November 16, 2011 / 6:35 pm

    so i think your hair is pretty much perfection in the photo with the dessert. seriously girl i love your hair. and sorry for the obsessiveness over it 🙂

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