Thanksgiving Decor & A DIY Burlap Wreath

Today, I just wanted to quickly touch on Thanksgiving decor because one of my favorite parts of entertaining is making everything look pretty. If it were up to me, we have super elaborate decorations for every holiday and an elaborate Sandra Lee-esque table scape. However, my hubby (the realist) sees things differently. He is more a fan of things being simple and not too over the top, plus he’s the voice of reason reminding me that in a few weeks we’re going to be moving into a smaller place with less storage aka buying a bunch of Thanksgiving decorations probably isn’t wise. Wahhh.

However, I do plan on making things look as lovely as possible for dinner tomorrow, but I plan on incorporating a lot of things I already own and not going to crazy with the decor. For Thanksgiving, I love the idea of rich fall colors like browns, reds, and burnt oranges as well as more natural textures like leaves, pine cones, fruit, and twigs contrasted with simple white dishes and pretty gold accents. Sort of rustic yet elegant, if you will. Oh and I’m absolutely loving burlap right now. I’ve seen it popping up on pin boards all over the place and I think it’s such a great neutral textile that can make a great accent or back drop for Thanksgiving decor.

I’ve been going crazy pinning Thanksgiving ideas for the last few weeks in preparation of hosting my first turkey day, and now that the big day is finally soclose I thought I’d share some of my favorites:

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

I love all of those beautiful looks, and I’m hoping to draw some inspiration from these photos when I go to set everything up on Thursday. (I think I’m printing out that last pin to put in my frame to replace this one from earlier in the fall)

And while we’re on the subject of Pinterest, this weekend I actually made something that I had one of my pin boards. Craziness. As I mentioned, I am currently obsessed with burlap at the moment, and I thought that this wreath would be a perfect accent to our apartment for Thanksgiving:

The instructions for making this wreath were super easy to follow, and it didn’t take me to long at all to put it together. I love that it’s very versatile and depending on the ribbon you use, it could be perfect throughout the year. I just used some sheer brown ribbon I had on hand, and here’s my finished product:

I actually bought my burlap at Home Depot, per the suggestion of some of my fellow bloggers and it’s awesome because you can buy a giant roll of burlap in the garden section there for like $12. I have a ton leftover from making the wreath, so I’m planning on using some of the extras for decorating my Thanksgiving table, and then potentially incorporating the rest into some crafts for Christmas and beyond. However, I will warn you that the burlap I found there was a much looser weave than the burlap that was used in the original wreath, which meant I had to use a lot more strips (and it’s still not really as full as I’d like it!).

Hopefully my pins (and attempts at being crafty) are helpful to those of you hosting Thanksgiving this year as you put the last minute touches on your plans! Have a fabulous Tuesday, and I’ll be back tomorrow with more Thanksgiving goodness! Xoxo