Catch-up aka Good-bye Colorado, Hello Oregon!

Greetings from Oregon!

The last few days have been a whirlwind
so let’s catch up shall we?

First first things first, let me back
up to Thursday night. Cam and I met up with my mom’s cousin for
dinner in Boulder (she lives about a half hour from where we did in
Colorado) because she offered to take us out for a good-bye meal. We
went to this place Cam and I had been wanting to try since we moved
Colorado called Pizzeria Locale, because it was supposed to be very
authentic Italian. Ohmygawd. This place was amazing. Seriously so so
good. They have some special pizza oven from Italy and apparently
their prosciutto slicer is the only one of it’s kind outside of
Italy. I completely forgot to take photos of the food and the
interior of the restaurant, but if you’re ever in Boulder I highly
recommend it. (I did manage to get a picture of the outside of the
restaurant when I was back in Boulder the next day…)

 And of course, I had to get one last
helping of fro-yo from one of my favorite Boulder spots, Spooners.
I’m seriously going to miss this place.

Friday started out with a full-body
massage that I had bought a Living Social certificate for awhile back
and needed to use before we left town, and it was a great way to
start my last day in Colorado. In the afternoon, I went to one last
Bikram yoga class and it was sweaty and great. These past six months
in Boulder have seriously made me love yoga and I’m really going to
miss the abundance of yoga options that this city offers. After yoga,
I went to get my haircut and my eyebrows waxed at Twig in downtown

One of the downfalls of moving around
so much is having to constantly find new doctors, dentists, hair
stylists, etc. and I’m sad because I love this salon and the girl who
cuts my hair. After my hair appointment, I took one last stroll
around downtown Boulder and snapped a few final pictures.

When we were moving out of South
Carolina, I felt like I did like ten posts recapping how much I loved living there, what our favorite places to eat were, etc. Being
Christmas is in a week (what?!), I have lots of other things I want
to post about between now and then, and I know I’ll have lots of
post-Christmas posts as well so unfortunately I don’t have as much
time as I’d like to reflect on our experience in Colorado. However, I
think if you’ve been reading this blog for the past six months you
already know that we absolutely loved living there. The mountains,
the weather, and the lifestyle are wonderful and it’s just a
fantastic place to live. We actually lived in a town just north of
Boulder called Longmont because that’s where Cam’s office was, and
it’s a great little suburb that’s perfect for families and has amazing
views of the mountains. What’s great is that it was only 15-minutes
from Boulder, and so I spent the majority of my time there and I
can’t say enough good things about it. It’s nickname is “The
People’s Republic of Boulder” because it’s kind of this crazy
community with it’s fair share of hippies and crazies, but I loved
it. The University of Colorado has a beautiful campus right in the
center of town and it gives Boulder such vibrant energy. There are so
many great restaurants and shops, and it’s just a very interesting
place that has a great sense of community. It’s not a giant city,
it’s much smaller than Denver, but it has a lot of character and
uniqueness. (More on my feelings on Boulder in my guest post here) To
be honest, I wasn’t crazy about Denver; there were some nice parts
but to me it just kind of felt like a generic big city, like if
someone just plopped you down in the middle of it, you’d have no way
of knowing what city you were in. To be fair, I didn’t spend a ton of
time in Denver, so maybe if I got to know it more I’d feel
differently, but that was just my impression. Overall though,
Colorado is great and I’m so glad we got the chance to live there
(even if it was only for a little bit!) and I’m so grateful for all
the friends and family that came to visit us!

So there’s my Colorado recap for
you…I’m sure I’ll have other reflections to share once we move into
our new place, but for now I just wanted to share a few final
thoughts. I’m also planning on doing a little bit better job of
organizing my restaurant reviews and posts about things we’ve done in
the places we’ve lived, and then putting them all under one of my
tabs so they’re easy to find in case anyone is visiting or moving to
those places and needs recommendations. Actually, I’d really like to
reorganize all my tabs a little bit and continue updating the look of
ze blog, but those are all projects for 2012! (Is it sad I’m already
making a to-do list for the new year?)

Anyway, back to Friday…in the midst
of all my running around I didn’t really eat lunch and ended up
getting a migraine headache late in the afternoon. Seriously, when
I’m not working and running errands I’m terrible about remembering to
eat. And not like one of those annoying skinny girls who are always
like “I just forget to eat sometimes!”, but as in I get busy and
don’t eat for hours and then eat a ton of crap because I’m starving.
When I’m working, I know that I’m going to be there all day so I’m
much better about packing myself a lunch and healthy snacks to eat
and so that keeps my blood sugar stable and it’s all good. The
problem is when I’m not working, I’ll leave the house in the morning
and not anticipate how long I’m going to be gone and then not want to
buy crappy food when I’m out because I have a ton of food at home,
but then I end up going home and usually just eating sweets because
I’m ravenous.

Friday, I got a latte and a breakfast
sandwich from Starbucks after my massage, and then I had a few
Christmas cookies when I got home to let Lola out before yoga, but
then I didn’t eat anything after that because I went straight from
yoga to my hair appointment (after showering…obviously). I didn’t
get home until like 5:30pm felt like I was in panic mood and had to
get something to eat because my headache was getting worse by the
minute. Cam had a happy hour thing for his last day of work and had
just eaten, so I went back out to find some dinner. I didn’t want to
get something super greasy that was going to make me feel worse, so
in my extreme hunger I somehow decided on fish tacos. (WTF Jane) I
had two grilled fish tacos, brown rice, and black beans at this
Chipotle-esque place near our apartment and then went home and
basically felt like I was going to die. My head was pounding so bad I
could barely stand up and I just felt so terrible. I think it was a
combination of not eating and then some of my other poor life choices
earlier in the week. One thing I forgot to mention in this post is
that my whole staying up all night-perfectionist-craziness often
leads to me getting sick right before important events because I’ve
stressed myself out. So Friday night when we were supposed to be
packing up the car and cleaning up the apartment, I was laying there
feeling awful and Cam ended up having to do it all by himself,
whoops. I ended up puking like eight times on Friday night, and lets
just say fish tacos were not the best choice I’ve ever made. Cam
moved our air mattress out to the family room for me and put it by
the fireplace, and I passed out at 8pm. Awesome.

(I also meant to post some Christmas
cookie recipes on Friday night, but obviously that wasn’t
happening…but I promise those recipes will be up soon!)

I woke up on Saturday morning and felt
surprisingly fine, so I’m blaming my sudden illness on a combination
of stress/fish tacos/my own stupidity. We got ready, finished packing
the car, and said good-bye to our apartment. Lola was even more
confused about life than she normally is.

Umm guys, where is all my stuff?!
We ended up getting on the road around
7 am, and headed west towards Oregon to start off our Christmas
vacation! I’m so thankful that Lola is so great at riding in the car
and doesn’t have a problem with these long road trips. She basically
just alternates between sleeping, staring at us condescendingly, or a
combination of both.

I hate moving.
I also snapped some pictures with my
cell phone as we drove through the different states between Colorado and Oregon…
Last view of Longs Peak as we left Longmont…good-bye beautiful Colorado!
Driving through Wyoming…not very exciting.
Wyoming was chilly!
Red rock formations in Utah
So pretty
Beautiful mountains, also in Utah…it was the best state to drive through!
Sunset in Idaho
The drive from Colorado to Oregon is
about 19 hours, so our plan was to break it up into two days.
However, we had clear, sunny weather and no traffic pretty much the
entire day, so we decided just to keep driving and do it all in one
day since we were making such great time. (And by we I mean Cam since
he drove the entire way!) We got to Oregon just after 1 am, and I’m
so glad we’re here and decided to do the drive in just one shot
instead of splitting it up.

I’m looking forward to a relaxing week
spending time with Cam’s family before we head to Michigan on
December 26th to spend a week with my family. I hope
you’ve been having a great weekend as well, and if you’re actually
still reading this post I’m impressed because it was one of my
ramblier (<—just made that a word) ones! Look for lots of cookie
recipes as well as some other fun holiday posts in this week leading
up to Christmas…I seriously can’t believe it’s only a week from
today!! Xoxo