Christmas in Oregon

Good morning!

How was your Christmas?!

Mine was wonderful, and I hope that y’all had an awesome day as well! Cam and I had a great time celebrating with his family yesterday, but the holiday festivities are nowhere near over as we’re currently en route to Michigan to go visit my family! (Gotta love holiday travel!) I’m so looking forward to spending this week in the mitten and I can’t wait to see my family and catch up with friends. But before that happens, I thought I’d share some photos from our week in Oregon!

(I have a lot of photos, so it’s probably easiest to start with yesterday and work my way back…)
Santa came to Oregon and left lots of presents under the tree!

Christmas morning started off with a few little presents for Lola…a new collar (navy with pink polka dots), a bully stick, and a new toy!

Did someone say presents?!
Sweet, new stuff!
 Thanks Santa!
I’ve been such a good girl this year…
Yesterday afternoon, everyone opened presents together, which is always a lot of fun. Our nieces Alexa and Meara are so stinkin’ cute, and I’m really glad we could spend Christmas with them this year. I got some really awesome gifts…but more on that later this week!

Meara looked so adorable in her Christmas dress
Alexa rocking her new sparkly Toms shoes and opening her apple beanie from Aunt Jane and Uncle Cam
Opening presents, while Cody, Cam’s parents sweet, older dog, tries to figure out why Lola keeps tormenting him, poor doggy!

I love presents!

Girls playing pool with Uncle Cam
Lola was following her cousin Kaya around like a shadow…
Luckily Kaya was very tolerant of Lola’s persistent need to constantly lick her in the face!
Me and Miss Meara
Cam rocking some super sweet onion chopping goggles while making a salad with me for Christmas dinner…love youuuu.
Our third Christmas as husband and wife, crazy how time flies!
On Christmas Eve, Cam and I went to candlelight church service (one of my favorite things about Christmas!) and then came home and watched my all-time favorite Christmas movie, It’s a Wonderful Life.

On Christmas Eve Eve, Cam’s brother Jordan and his wife Ashley came over to open their presents because Jordan is a firefighter and had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And there was also some gun shooting involved because that’s how my husband and his brothers celebrate the holidays.


Enthralled in a Christmas movie

Boys putting together Jordan’s new Lego firetruck…with Alexa’s help of course.
Lola hiding out from her dog-cousins who were trying to herd her like a sheep

 Earlier in the week, we took our niece Alexa to paint pottery and went and checked out the Christmas lights in an area of Portland called Peacock Lane. It’s this cute little street where everyone goes all out with their lights, and I told Cam we have to move there. Ha. 

Alexa’s colorful creations
Cam’s Boulder tile and my oversized mug…can’t wait to see them after they’re fired!

There were so many people walking around checking out all the beautiful lights!

And then finally, last Tuesday we celebrated Cam’s mom’s birthday, along with all of the other December birthdays.

Cam’s mom always makes a homemade four layer cake, so delicious!

Playing some poker…
Lola trying to weasel her way inside

The whole

 Last but not least, Cam and I spent some time in downtown Portland, and of course I had to snap some pics with my cell phone…I love this city!

Portland runs their Saturday market for the entire week leading up until Christmas!
Oblations…my favorite stationary store in the Pearl District
This was the most random thing ever–this empty office space had a Santa on it’s sign…
And then the entire building was filled with these little light-up Santas! So strange/cool!
Pearl District
I love how they add a red nose to make it look like Rudolph on the sign during the holidays!

All in all, a fantastic week! I do have a few more photos from a little day trip that Cam and I took while we were in Oregon, but I figured I’d wait and share those later on! For now, Michigan here we come! Xoxo