Colorado Family Time

Happy Monday everyone! 
December is flying by, and I’m starting to stress just a little bit about the fact that the movers are coming to pack up our apartment a week from today. So so soon. Then we’ll have just a few more days in Colorado before we hit the road for Oregon (and then Michigan) to celebrate the holidays with our families before moving into our new place in Tahoe. I feel like our time in Colorado has flown by, and I really can’t believe it’s almost over. 
That’s why I’m so glad that my parents and my sister were able to come visit for Thanksgiving and spend some time in Colorado with us before we move. I know I already posted some photos from Thanksgiving day, but I wanted to share some other fun pics from their visit…
I took my parents walking at McIntosh Lake…so pretty! (I spy someone’s ears…)
We took a trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park…
I forgot my sunglasses…big fail.
I tried wearing Cam’s…even bigger fail.
We also saw some bighorn sheep as we were leaving the park…really cool!
We also took a drive up in the Flatirons, such great views from up there!
We enjoyed some yummy meals together and I made everyone play Apples to Apples…good times.
My parents left to go back to Michigan on Saturday, but my sister stayed in Colorado for a few extra days and it was great to spend some time just the two of us…
I got to show her Boulder…clearly she was thrilled…ha…also apparently hats are “in” in NYC
We went on the Celestial Seasonings Tea Tour…a fun, free thing to do if you’re ever in Boulder!

You have to wear hairnets on the tour…so attractive I just had to post.
We also got to spend some time in Denver…
We ate lunch at TAG in Larimer Square, which ended up being so delicious! They’ve got an eclectic menu, great lunch specials, and I had some Kobe beef sliders that were out of this world. (Don’t judge by the emptiness of this photo, apparently 2:30 isn’t a popular time to eat lunch…)
Massive quantities of ice cream were consumed during her visit…I love our school spirited mugs 🙂

  I’m so glad that she got to come visit us in Colorado before we move!

(Even if she did make us watch a 3 hour Bollywood movie…she also made us a batch of puppy chow…nom nom nom)
Have a fabulous Monday friends, it’s freezing cold in Colorado today (14 degrees is the high, and the low is below zero…brrrrrr)…see y’all tomorrow! Xoxo

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