Two must-see movies for your weekend…

Happy Saturday everyone! 
I know I don’t normally post on the weekend, but since I’m full of Christmas spirit this week I thought, why not?
One of my favorite things about the holidays are all the movies that come out this time of year. December brings the release of critically-acclaimed Oscar hopefuls along with big-budget blockbusters making it a great time to go to the movies. Growing up, my family would go to see a movie during Christmas break and it was always something fun to do together. Cam and I both love going to the movies, and it’s something that we do quite often throughout the year, but during the holidays, our list of must-see films is always fairly long. So with the multitude of choices at the theater this time of the year, how do you choose movies that are actually worth your time and money?
Enter me. 
I recently saw two movies that I absolutely loved which is why I wanted to recommend them to all of you! 

You’re welcome. 
Like Crazy is a movie I went to see with my sister while she was visiting. She was dying to see this movie, I hadn’t even heard of it. She showed me the trailer on YouTube and I was sold (and it wasn’t just because of the gorgeous Ingrid Michaelson version of our wedding first dance song)
The film follows a young British girl and American boy, and chronicles the ups and downs of their relationship over a period of years. I loved the fact that this movie seemed very realistic and was totally different than your typical rom-com. Apparently, it won the Grand Jury prize for Best Picture at Sundance this year, so it’s not just me that thought it was great. It’s been in theaters for awhile, but it’s still showing here in Colorado and my guess is it will continue to show through the holidays…but then again you may want to go see it ASAP just to be on the safe side.
And then last night, Cam and I went to see this movie: 
This was not my first choice for our Friday night movie date; I thought it kind of looked like a kids’ movie and I really wanted to see this, even though I know that it’s probably god awful. But being the good wife that I am, I agreed and we went to see Hugo. And you know what? It was FANTASTIC
Hugo was directed and produced by Martin Scorsese, and it’s a visually stunning film that tells a great story and it’s also extremely well cast and acted. Scorsese’s love of the art of film-making is at the heart of both the story itself and the gorgeous way in which it’s told. This is the kind of movie you could go see with your whole family, and I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t like it. It is a 3D movie, which I’m not generally a huge fan of (seriously Hollywood, not every movie needs to be in 3D!), but I think that this is an exception where it’s well worth it to pay the extra money to go to the theater and wear the Ray Charles 3D glasses. I really enjoyed this film, and it’s just a great movie to feel-good movie to go see during the holidays. (And not feel-good in a cheesy way, it makes you feel just genuinely good) Plus, it’s gotten amazing reviews that I think are very well deserved. 
So there you have it, two movies that are actually worth shelling out for this holiday season, because after all, movies are expensive these days and there is nothing worse than wasting your money on one that’s stupid.

Btw, don’t even get me started on concessions…last night we decided to get popcorn and so we got one medium bag of popcorn and two medium drinks…and it was $18. EIGHTEEN DOLLARS. WTF. 
Well, Cam and I are off to (hopefully) finish up our Christmas shopping, and I’m looking forward to wrapping some presents this weekend because that’s one of my favorite holiday tasks. I hope that you’re having a fabulous weekend as well, see ya on Monday! Xoxo
PS: One week left until the big move begins…ahhhhhhhh.