My new favorite link-up!

We’re halfway through the week people, woo!
I love link-ups because they’re a great way to find new blogs, plus sometimes it’s fun to have a topic to structure your posts around. I was really excited about Jenni’s new Best of Instagram link-up over on Story of My Life because it’s the perfect excuse to share all little snapshots I seem to collect with my cell phone on a weekly basis. As much as I love taking photos with my DSLR, it’s so convenient to use my cell phone camera to capture random fun little moments. I had planned to put this post up on Sunday, but the link-up is still open so I figured better late than never, right?

1. Sneak peak of our house from earlier this week, before all the snow!
2. I always feel so contented after going to the grocery store and seeing our fridge stocked with healthy food, it’s something I don’t want to take for granted
 3. Doing a little shopping at Old Navy and couldn’t resist these red bags…I ended up getting the smaller one and I think it’s adorable.
4. Mornings are hard. 
5. Even after making these, I still have a lot of cupcake liners to use up! How cute are those pink zebra ones? Love.
6. Why is the world so scary?
7. Kindle + healthy lunch
8. Even though my feet are pretty much always in my cozy slippers these days, it’s still nice to have my toesies look pretty! The color is OPI Guy Meets Galveston, a bright coral-ish color
9. & 10. We finally have snow in Tahoe!
11. Finally using my Christmas gift! 
12. First day at Heavenly
13. Chairlift ride
14. Love 🙂
15. Hubs packing up the Wrangler
16. View from our deck over the weekend
17. View all the snow on our street today
18. Lola staying warm by the fire (and proof that she doesn’t look completely depressed in every photo…just mildly confused)
19. Icicles hanging from the roof & 20. Finally an idea from one of my pinboards in real life to help conquer bobby pin clutter in the bathroom–magnetic strip with adhesive backing on the inside of the medicine cabinet works like a charm!

Good times.

By the way, I have an Android phone so I don’t actually have Instagram, but I give my cell phone photos that same kind of look with an app called Snapbucket. Also, does anyone know of a good online photo collage maker that’s compatible with Linux? The collage feature doesn’t seem to be on Google+ (and Picnik doesn’t play well with Linux anyway), and for someone reason FotoFlexer isn’t working for me anymore…frustrating! If anyone has any suggestions let me know!!