Tales from the Weekend

Hello and happy Monday!

This weekend was jam-packed with unpacking, driving, errand-running, and lots and lots of food! Oh, and looking at that gorgeous lake…I still can’t believe we live here!
Being that our kitchen is coming together a little more slowly than we’d like, we’ve been doing quite a bit of eating out at restaurants since moving to Tahoe and this weekend was no exception. We had some yummy meals including a Friday night date at a nice Swiss-style restaurant (their fondue was soo good!), my first experience with In-N-Out Burger, and a waffle breakfast at a place called the Red Hut, which apparently has been a Tahoe institution since the 1950s. 

Saturday, we drove to Carson City to pick up some things for the apartment and it ended up taking a majority of the afternoon. We did get a chance to do some more driving around the lake on the way there, and it’s seriously so pretty! I’m absolutely loving this gorgeous sunny weather we’re having right now, and I’m looking forward to driving around the entire lake soon. (We meant to do that this weekend but ran out of time!) We did stop to get a few pictures at an overlook about 20 minutes from our house on our way home, the water was so blue!

Unfortunately, Saturday’s shopping trip didn’t result in all the things we were looking for to organize the apartment. Since this place is much smaller than our previous apartment and severely lacking in closet space, we’re having a tough time figuring out where to put everything. One of the main problems is our kitchen because there is no pantry and cupboard space is limited. There’s a space next to the kitchen that we decided would be perfect for a pantry cupboard type thing to store food, but we weren’t able to find what we were looking for at the stores in Carson City. After checking their website, we decided that it was worth making the 2 1/2 hour drive to IKEA in Sacramento as they had quite a few things we were looking for, including a pantry cabinet. We left early Sunday morning, and it was actually a really pretty drive through the mountains. Before heading to IKEA, we checked out Old Town Sacramento…

We only walked around for about 20 minutes, and there wasn’t a ton to see. It was pretty touristy, and the rest of the city outside the Old Town area didn’t seem all that great. Maybe there is more to see in Sacramento that we missed out on, but those were just my impressions driving through. Anyway, flash forward to IKEA. I love walking through and seeing how they have all the different rooms set up and getting ideas. When you walk in to one of their example homes where it’s like “This family of 4 lives in this 500 square foot box and look how spacious and organized it is!” you feel like ok, maybe I can make my small apartment work!
After spending hours walking around the dizzying maze that is IKEA, we finally settled on a few different furniture items in addition to the accessory items we picked up in the marketplace. However, when we went to pick them up in the self-service area on the way out, three of the pieces were out of stock. WTF. Now, I realize I have somewhat of a short fuse and tend to get wayy too worked up over minor things, and let’s just say yesterday was no exception. 

Conversation between me and the worker at the IKEA helpdesk after explaining that they were out of stock on three of the things we wanted:

Me: Is there any possible way that you can order this stuff for us and have it delivered?
IKEA lady: (looking at me like I’m an idiot) Umm no? We don’t deliver stuff to where you live, it’s in store pick-up only. We’re getting more in on Friday.
Me: Ok…this is just a little frustrating since it said upstairs you had all three of these items and it said you had them in stock at this store on the IKEA website and we drove from really far away to get here. 
IKEA lady: Well in the future you should probably call and double check.
Me: I did call yesterday, and after being on hold for 20 minutes I hung up. 
IKEA lady: Did you call the direct number to the store (again looking at me like I’m an idiot)? 
Me: I called the number listed on the IKEA website for the Sacramento store. 
IKEA lady: Oh well you need to call our direct number…(starts writing it down for me)…
Me: It’s ok, don’t bother, I’m never coming back to this store. 
IKEA lady: You’re never coming back to this store?
Me: NEVER….(walks away in a huff)

And scene. That actually happened.
So needless to say, we didn’t find everything we were looking for, but as my husband reminded me after I stormed out of IKEA in a rage…it’s not the end of the world (aka Jane please calm the f down). We did get the pantry cabinet we came for and I got a new duvet cover and sheets for our bed. I’m looking forward to putting up some pictures of the new place once we have it a little bit more together…which probably won’t be for awhile, but we’ll see! For now I’ll leave you with this shot of Lola in the car this weekend…she gets very pouty that she can’t sit in my lap and has to stay in the backseat. Ha. 
I really need to get my butt in gear and get some more organizing and unpacking done today because I’m actually leaving to go on a little va-ca later this week…
Hope your weekend was lovely! Xoxo
PS: Happy Birthday to my style icon

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