Presidents Day Weekend in Portland

Hey, hey! Happy Wednesday everyone!
We’re back from Oregon and it was great to be able to get away for a few days, spend time with family, eat some good food, and yes, do some shopping! I love that every time we go to Portland, we always try new (to-me) places and explore different parts of the city and this weekend was no exception. I didn’t really take that many photos this weekend, but I thought I’d share a few, along with some of my favorite discoveries.

The weekend was fairly rainy, but it didn’t bother me because it meant I got to wear my Hunters! Plus, I got to try out the new cable-knit liners I got for Christmas–they’re super warm!
Saturday morning, Cam and I got coffee at a place I hadn’t tried before called Public Domain and I really liked it…they make a great mocha and a delicious flourless chocolate cookie!
Public Domain is right near Pioneer Square, so of course I had to get a picture with this guy.
Cam knew I wanted to go shopping, so we spent some of the day at Pioneer Place, the mall that’s right downtown. My find for the day? A pair of red skinny jeans! I’ve been wanting some for months, so I’m excited that I finally found some.
Later on, we went across the river to the other side of Portland where I saw an ad for a bar that has a crafting night where you can just bring your knitting needles or whatever to the bar and just drink and craft (I seriously want to go to this sometime). I also found a really cute French restaurant called Petite Provence that is now on my list of places to try next time we’re in town.
We opted to skip the French food this trip because we were on our way to try out an ice cream place! We had heard Salt & Straw had really inventive flavors so we wanted to see for ourselves…
Portland has a lot of farm-to-table restaurants that use fresh, local ingredients and Salt & Straw has taken the same concept and applied it to ice cream! They actually call themselves a farm-to-cone ice cream shop, and as you can tell by the menu their flavors are very unique!
We got their ice cream taster where you could pick 4 different flavors so we tried their sea salt caramel (which was super salty but good), Oregon Kiss with hazlenut gianduja (probably the most “normal” flavor, really delicious), Nikasi Stout with fudge swirls (the flavor of the Oregon beer in this ice cream was very apparent, literally the ice cream tasted like beer)…and our final flavor? Bone Marrow with Smoked Cherries. See told you they had some wild flavors! The bone marrow ice cream was more savory than sweet and it had a really smoky flavor…very interesting!
Cam trying out the flavors…
I snapped a few shots of the city before we headed to dinner…

So pretty!
We ate dinner with Cam’s parents at a restaurant called The Urban Farmer, and it was great–highly recommend it if you like steak! The restaurant is inside the Nines hotel and it’s got a great vibe, it’s lively but not too loud, it’s low lit but not too dark, just a all-around fantastic spot. I wish I could have gotten some pictures of the food, but my cell camera wasn’t handling the low light so well!
Other than exploring Portland, I had a chance to catch up on some reading–I’m in the middle of an excellent book I can’t wait to finish and share with you!
I also got some productive working time in at Starbucks…
…and spent time with these lovely people!
Our sweet little niece is growing like a weed!
All in all, it was a lovely (albeit rainy) weekend, and now that we live so much closer (the flight is only an hour!) we’ll hopefully be making much more frequent visits there!
And speaking of Portland, is anyone there looking for a job? Because I’ve got an opportunity for you!
Let me explain…
As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I got a new job working remotely for a recruiting firm. I’m planning on sharing a more of an in-depth update on how everything is going tomorrow, but for now I just wanted to quickly touch on the projects I’m working on this week. I’m recruiting for outside sales positions in Hartford, CT, Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, and the SF Bay area so if you or anyone you know has outside sales experience and is looking for a new opportunity in those cities, send your (or their) resume to for more information!
Hope everyone is having a great week! xoxo