Valentine’s Day Recap

Happy Wednesday everyone! Cam and I had a really nice time celebrating for Valentine’s Day so I thought I’d link up with Jamie for What I’m Loving Wednesday and share some photos…

That’s the only picture I actually got of us together, and it was taken with my cell phone camera at the restaurant because I didn’t feel like dragging the giant DSLR to dinner. This was our fifth Valentine’s Day together, crazy how fast the time goes! Yesterday, I happened to stumble upon some pictures of Valentine’s Days past and I just had to share them…

2008–This was basically our third date 🙂
2010–First married Valentine’s Day
I’m not sure where are pictures are from  we don’t have pictures from 2009/2011, but on to this year! The day started with sweet flower delivery from my husband (I love getting flowers!) and he obviously knows what my favorite color is…


The flowers are a beautiful mix of light and dark pinks and they’re brightening up my desk as we speak. I love that he knows how to make me smile.

Last night, we got dressed up to go out for our Valentine’s date. I’ve seriously been lazy indulging in the benefits of working from home and have been dressing ultra comfy most days. It felt nice to dust off my heels, blow dry my hair, and actually look like a respectable human being for a night.

Look familiar? It’s actually the same dress I wore for Valentine’s Day back in 2008! Cam is a big fan of things that are just simple and classic, and he really likes this dress so I thought I’d wear it last night. I actually bought the dress back in high school from Old Navy for my senior cross country banquet and I cracks me up that I’ve had it this long and gotten so much use out of it!

We ate dinner at a place in South Lake Tahoe called Ciera, which is located inside Montbleu Casino. It was a great place for a romantic meal, and they gave all the ladies red roses. (I kept joking that I felt like I was on the Bachelor!) It’s your traditional fancy steakhouse, and I had a delicious meal–champagne, lobster bisque, truffle mac and cheese, filet mignon, a delicious chocolate lava cake with vanilla bean gelato, and some complimentary chocolate covered strawberries. (Tonight’s dinner? Leftovers!)

We had a really good time, but overall, the restaurant wasn’t quite as great as I’d hoped. I think that’s because Cam and I always compare any steakhouse we got to with The Chop House in Ann Arbor (which is where we went for pretty much ever special occasion living in Michigan!), and no other place ever seems to measure up. But overall, everything was nice and it was definitely one of the best restaurants we’ve been to so far in Tahoe.

We also exchanged cards when we got home from dinner, which is honestly one of my favorite things
about this holiday. Even though love is something we celebrate every
day, it’s nice to exchange sweet, written reminders of our feelings.

So that was our Valentine’s Day! How was yours? Did you do anything fun/special? I’d love to hear about it! Xoxo