The 1st Day of Spring?

Happy First Day of Spring!
While the rest of the country is having warmer than normal weather this week, here in Lake Tahoe…we are not.
Not by a long shot.
On Sunday, Cam and I both flew back into the airport late and getting home took us much longer than it should have due to the brutal weather. Driving through the mountains in the dark when it’s snowing isn’t something I’d recommend! When we finally made it home, it was 10 degrees and pitch black out at our house. Because it had snowed so much over the weekend, the plow trucks had come through and pushed a ton of snow into our driveway. That meant that in order to get to our front door we needed wade through snow (with all of our bags) that was literally almost up to my waist in some spots. Let’s just say I was not a happy camper at this point.
Once we finally got inside the house, it was freezing. As Cam mentioned in his post on Friday, we primarily get our heat through gas stove, and when we’re not home we turn it off. We live in a house that’s divided up into two apartments, and our upstairs neighbors moved out a few weeks ago. Normally, their furnace throws some heat into our house, however, since they’ve been gone they turned their heat down really low. Cam measured the air temp of the house when we came in on Sunday and it was 38 degrees. Sick.
 We were both exhausted and just wanted to go to sleep, so we bundled up in our sweats, turned on the stove/radiator, and got ready for bed. However, when I went to go brush my teeth I noticed that there was no water coming out…you guessed it. The pipes froze.
Suffice it to say, this was NOT how either one of us wanted to start the week. I ended up going down to work with Cam yesterday and was able to find a place in Minden to work, and then we both took showers at his office gym. We went out to dinner, stopped at the grocery store to buy some water, and headed home. A plumber is supposed to be coming by this morning to fix the pipes and I’m just crossing my fingers that this gets resolved quickly.
View from the parking lot at Cam’s office last night…pretty, but not where I want to be showering all week!
Needless to say, I’m not in a very “spring” mood today.
I also really want to share my photos from New York and San Fran, but I honestly don’t know if I’m going to have time this week. I love blogging, but I never want it to become a chore or something I feel like I have to do on a certain schedule. While I’d love it if I could just spend the entire day today relaxing and blogging, that’s just not going to happen. My priorities this week are accomplishing everything I need to at work (and the list is extremely long this week!), getting unpacked and caught up on laundry (once our water gets fixed that is!), eating healthy meals and getting lots of sleep (I am trying to head off a cold I feel coming on!), and getting ready for our out of town company that’s getting here on Thursday night. I hope there is time for blogging in there too, but if not, it’s just going to have to wait.
In the meantime, all you lucky people in the South/Midwest/East Coast who are experiencing 80 degree temps today enjoy celebrating the first day of spring with skirts and sandals. I’ll just be shivering away in my Artic paradise.
Happy F-ing Spring.