NYC Fashion Finds

Well I haven’t had time to upload my NYC or San Fran pics yet, but I thought I’d share a few of the spring additions to my closet that I picked up in New York! I wasn’t really looking for any investment pieces on my trip, I basically just wanted to shop and pick up some fun, inexpensive things to brighten up my wardrobe for the next few months. I had some success at three stores definitely give you a lot of bang for your buck!
First stop, Necessary Clothing! This store is essentially like a Forever 21 on steroids and there are a few different locations in NYC. While a lot of the clothes at this store are definitely meant for the club, they have some really pretty blouses at great prices.
Saint Taupe Top - beige
No, I did not buy these shorts…obviously. But I did get this cute black and white blouse with a Peter Pan collar, a cheeky trend that I am loving for spring! You can find it here.
Mira Blouse - Orange
Another trend I’m loving is Pantone’s color of the year…orange! I picked up this blouse and I love the bright color…find it here. I also got a navy and green chevron dress/tunic thing that I couldn’t find on their website but I’m obsessed with it, and plan on wearing it this weekend.
Next stop, Forever 21. Now, I know that some people might hate on F21 for not being an appropriate place to shop after college, and I agree that the clothes aren’t the highest quality. But if you want to add a few trendy pieces to your wardrobe every now and then, it’s definitely the place to go that won’t leave a dent in your wallet.
I’m usually not a shorts person, but they had so many cute pairs of colored shorts that I couldn’t resist…now if it would only get warm enough to wear them here in Tahoe! These shorts come in a lot of different colors and they’re a steal!
Another cute trend that seems to be sticking around is colorblocking, so I couldn’t resist picking up this red and pink tank. I love how simple it is, while still making a statement.
I picked up a new pair of classic skinnies because they fit surprisingly well and they’re $10. Seriously, you cannot beat that.
I really wanted to get a pair of mint skinny jeans because I’m absolutely loving all the pastel mint shades I’ve been seeing in stores, along with the whole colored jeans trend. However, I couldn’t find a pair that I liked, so I settled on this pretty, polka dot mint scarf instead.
I got all this at F21, plus two summer dresses and a belt that I couldn’t find on their website, all for under $100. And that my friends is why I love Forever 21.
I also picked up a few things at H&M. It’s one of those stores where I want everything when I walk in, try on a million things, and most of it ends up looking terrible on. Oh well. I did end up finding a few cute pieces, however, I couldn’t find them on their website because I’m pretty sure they only have like 1/10 of what’s in their store on their site. I did find a few pictures featuring the pieces I bought to give you an idea…
wing-tip strap Kimchi Blue heels - polka dot navy H&M skirt
I absolutely love polka dots; they have such a fun, retro, feminine vibe that is perfect for spring. I loved this navy and white skirt at H&M and I think it will go with a lot of things in my closet.
Pinned Image
I also got a classic navy blazer with gold buttons a la Kate Middleton (who probably did not buy hers at H&M, but oh well). Both my sister and my husband were not a huge fan of this piece, but clearly they just don’t know that KM can do no wrong, and we’re basically twins. I plan on wearing it and pretending I’m British…it’s going to be awesome.
So those stores were my 3 main stops in NYC, and I’m really happy with my finds. I also got a really cute black blouse on sale at this store called C. Wonder, created by ex-husband of Tory Burch. The store has the same colorful, preppy vibe for about 1/4 the price, but unfortunately I couldn’t find a picture of the blouse I got since it was a steal on the sale rack. Ooh, and I bought some earrings that look just like these beauties from Stella and Dot that I’ve been eyeing for awhile now. I figure Stella and Dot is nice but it’s still costume jewelry, so I was thrilled to find earrings that look identical a guy selling jewelry in Soho…plus I haggled him down to only $10! Gotta love a deal!
Last but not least? I got a pair of these.
I always thought Converse were fun, but never really thought about buying a pair. However, after a few days in NYC seeing everyone and their brother with them on, I decided to pick up a pair of gray low tops. (Especially since my sister basically told me that not owning a pair of Chucks was un-American) I think they’re cute and classic, and I’m looking forward to wearing them all summer.
So I’m pretty shopped out for awhile…especially considering my daily uniform in Tahoe is sweats and slippers. But I’m excited for (hopefully) warmer temps soon and I’m looking forward to busting out these new pieces soon! Xoxo

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