Talking Marriage with Ruthie of The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m currently in the Big Apple this week visiting my sister and hanging out with my parents (and working), so I’m not going to have time to blog for the next few days. But never fear, I’ve got some fabulous guest posters lined up for the rest of this week and I’m so excited for what they’ve got to share with you!
First up?

Ruthie from The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart! I love her blog because she shares her life in an a really honest way, and strives to put Christ at the center of her marriage. That’s the subject she’s sharing her thoughts on today…enjoy!

Hello friends! I am honored to be taking over Jane’s blog today. She leaves the sweetest most genuine comments on my blog and I KNEW I had to get to know this gal!

So who am I?

I am Ruthie Hart and I blog over here

I am a Christian wife, puppy mommy, marketer by day, and blogger/crafter/dreamer by night. We live in the greatest city in the US of A…Austin, TX!

One thing that I know Jane and I have in common is our goal of a Christ centered marriage. Hey no one’s marriage is perfect but mine rocks because we are committed to a solid foundation based on the bible. Jon and I just celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary last month and continue to thank the Lord for sending us to each other. I never thought I would say this but….

my wedding day was NOT the best day of my life.

Don’t get me wrong! Our wedding was perfect. It was so beautiful and more than anything I could have ever imagined in my life.  Jon and I became one in the eyes of the Lord and celebrated with a huge party with our family and friends. Oh and getting your hair and makeup done…hard to top that! So back to the best day of my life. I can’t say that because everyday, life gets better. I fall in love with my husband even more. Marriage is so much greater than any flower arrangement, fondant cake, or 5 piece band. 

What makes life and marriage so great?
I strive to be a Proverbs 31 woman, and Jon respects that


We strive for a Christ centered marriage, with the Lord being our #1 focus

We tithe

We look to the bible for help, advice, and tools to improve our relationship 

We bring the Lord into every aspect of our relationship…even sex!!! (insert gasp and giggle)
I am fully committed in being a Christian wife.

We pray together.  


Oh and not to mention…we have SO MUCH FUN together! Like the time we threw a wig party for Jon’s birthday, or the time we went to the wax museum in LA. Or maybe last summer when we were fed up with the Texas heat so we celebrated Christmas in August?

(yes my husband was dressed like a girl, and no it wasn’t the first time haha!)
Marriage is truly a gift from God. Yes it is work, but it is fun work! I look up to my husband in so many ways. I love who he is as a Christian, friend, son-in-law, sales dude at work…I couldn’t ask for anything more in a mate and head of our household. So the moral of the story is, faith does wonders on a marriage. Our marriage is solid, fulfilling and will be everlasting because we honor the Lord, who created this wonderful covenant for man and wife!
Cheers and blessings!

I love that Ruthie lets her character shine through, and with all the wedding-planning stuff on the blogosphere, it’s refreshing to hear her thoughts on life after the I do’s! She’s become one of my favorite blogger friends and I really appreciate her filling in while I’m gone–definitely go check out her blog! I’ve got another fabulous guest poster tomorrow, and she’s talking all about spring! See you then! xoxo