Easter Excitement

Happy Monday! How was everyone’s Easter?

Ours was lovely…and even more fun than I initially planned!

Friday afternoon, I had lunch with my friend Natasha (of the blog Schue Love!) and she mentioned that it was just going to be her and her hubby for Easter as all their family was out of town this year and she can’t fly since she’s having a bebe soon! We decided to make plans to go to church/brunch together with our husbands, and I’m so glad we did because it was a great time! They are such a fun couple, and it was awesome to be able to spend the holiday with them especially since Cam and I are away from our families here in Tahoe. After going to church together, we all had a delicious brunch at Edgewood golf course…which is actually where Natasha and her husband Ryan got married! It’s such a beautiful setting with giant windows that look out over the lake and the mountains, and although it was a little chilly yesterday the sun was gorgeous!

There were so many delicious choices for brunch…
…from seafood…
…to cupcakes!
There were lots of desserts to choose from…
…plus this, yum!
View from the brunch room
The inside of Edgewood, so pretty!
My camera was having a hard time with all the light coming in from the windows, but you can see that views from the restaurant where we ate were incredible!
Banana foster for brunch!

When I started this blog back in Michigan, I had no idea that being part of this blogging community would allowed me to connect with so many amazing women across the country. And I never would have imagined that I would be celebrating a holiday with someone that I met through blogging, but you know what? It’s awesome! Natasha has been so sweet in making me feel welcome here in Tahoe, and I think it’s really cool that it’s the blog world brought us together! (Plus, she didn’t think a post-brunch photo sesh was weird…I mean how could I resist, the view was amazing!!)

Outside our house on Easter! 🙂
Other than our Easter brunch yesterday, the rest of the weekend was pretty low-key. We spent a lot of time lounging, watched copious amounts of Food Network/Travel Channel/HGTV, and did some spring cleaning. The weekend wasn’t exactly quiet thanks the fact that we had a canine houseguest! We dog sat for one of Cam’s co-workers who owns a boxer/pitbull mix named Kona. She is such a sweet, well-behaved dog but Lola was literally losing her mind all weekend having another dog around…she was so excited! And you’d think that excitement would have worn off after a little bit, but no. It did not. Lola literally wanted to play with Kona every second of this weekend and since our current house is not exactly large it made for quite an interesting few days…

Lola and her new friend Kona!
“I’ve never been so happy!!”

“No more pictures Mom!”
Kona girl 

We let the dogs play on the deck for some of the afternoon, and it made me laugh to look out my window and see Lola like this.
Kona just wanted to take a nap, but Lola just refused to let her.

Taking the dogs for a hike in the snow on the Tahoe Rim Trail…and Cam is wearing shorts. LOL.

Views from the trail…
When I wasn’t playing referee with the dogs, I started a new book…and indulged in some of my favorite Easter candy!
Cam and I tried not to go too crazy with the candy this year…but we each had to have a little! Reese’s for him, Cadbury for me!
Finally sleeping!

Lola is grinning in her sleep 🙂
All in all, a great weekend filled with good food, new friends, and lots of wagging tails!
Hope you’re weekend was lovely as well, have a fantastic Monday! Xoxo