Anniversary via Instagram

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend?
Ours was relaxing and lovely…but more on that later this week.  Today, I thought I’d share a little bit about our third anniversary last week! Since I already recapped our wedding and honeymoon, I thought it was only appropriate to document how we celebrated this year.

Our evening started with some sweet pink roses from Cam and getting dressed up to head out for a dinner date. Since wearing heels is somewhat of a rariety for me these days, an outfit photo was absolutely necessary! 🙂

For dinner, we went to a restaurant in town called Evans. We tried this place out once before with Cam’s parents back in January, and we were both excited to go back. The restaurant itself is fairly small, but it’s a great place to go for a special occassion if you’re ever in South Lake Tahoe.
Everything we ordered that night was absolutely delicious! What I love about Evans is that they take a lot of care to do absolutely beautiful presentations with their food, but it all tastes as good as it looks! Our night started with an amazing appetizer–Millefeuille of
goat cheese-hummus spread layered with spinach, tomato and sweet and salty phyllo layers,
topped with truffle honey
I took that description from their website, but yeah, it was to.die.for. For dinner, I had one of the specials, the barramundi which came with roasted brussels sprouts (my fav!) and an incredible warm goat cheese panzanella that was hidden under the fish. (Cam had a not pictured pork chop) For dessert, Cam had some sort of delicious apple pie dessert, and I had cappucino and a slice of lemon white chocolate cheesecake which was a little too lemony in my opinion, but still very good. Obviously a meal this lovely had to be documented for posterity.
It was really fun to go out for a fancy dinner with my husband in the middle of the week, and we had a great time talking about all that has happened over the past three years. Now we always exchange cards for every anniversary/holiday but Cam and I don’t usually do gifts for each other as we’d rather spend the money on going out to eat/traveling/purchasing something we can both enjoy. (Plus, most of the time if either one of us really wants something, we usually just buy it for ourselves so it makes it a little tough to buy presents for each other!) So I was really suprised when Cam gave me a really sweet gift before dinner–this beautiful watch! The watch is from TOKYObay, a San-Fran based company that has really fun, modern watches and I’m excited to wear it this summer…such a thoughtful guy I married 🙂
We also decided to buy an anniversary gift together that we could both get use out of this summer–an inflatable kayak! Since a normal kayak is a little more pricey/requires storage space that we don’t have in our current place, we thought that an inflatable kayak would be the perfect thing for us for right now. I was a little skeptical about getting an inflatable kayak at first, but we ended up ordering this one on Amazon because it had amazing reviews. After trying it out in our living room, I was suprised by how stable it seems and I’m excited to try it out on the lake!
So that’s how we celebrated anniversary #3, I’m looking forward to many more years of wedded bliss! 🙂

Also, all the photos in this post are via Instagram, so if you’re interested in following me my username is @janemarieg! I love snapping Instagram photos because they’re just so quick and fun, but I think I’m really going to try and limit myself from posting them on my blog going forward just because I feel like it’s a little redundant? Plus as much as I love Instagram, I feel like it makes me a little lazy about using my actual camera, and that’s something I really want to improve on this summer. I’m going to try and reserve blog posts for actual photos from my camera and save Instagram for those random little moments that aren’t necessarily blog worthy but I still want to share. I feel like it’s a challenge balancing all these social media outlets sometimes, anyone agree?

Have a fabulous week friends! Xoxo