Better Late Than Never

Is it Monday already?
I definitely meant to do a Father’s Day shoutout here on the blog, but the weekend ended up flying by like it always does, and I didn’t turn on my computer all weekend (which felt great actually). But I figure that it’s never to late to say nice things about the people you love, so I thought I’d share my Father’s Day wishes today.
Even though it’s a tad blurry, I really love this picture 🙂
I am so blessed to have a such a wonderful dad.
Over my life, he’s taught me so many things and I’m so appreciative of his continued guidance and wisdom. As I’ve gotten older, I feel like my respect for my dad has really grown because I realize just how hard he’s worked and sacrificed to allow me be able to do so much over my life. In high school and college, I saw so many girls who did not have good relationships with their dads and, not to go all psychology on you, I saw first-hand how it often manifested itself into their seeking unhealthy attention from guys and it was just really sad. I’m thankful that I was raised by a dad who always made me feel loved, special, secure in who I was as a person, and I never felt like I needed to get some sort of validatation from a boyfriend. I really look up to the way my dad has a strong work ethic and works really hard, yet he also has done a great job of having a balanced life. Growing up, he was always there for my sister and I and never missed a dance receital or a band concert (and boy, did I make my family sit though a lot of those!) yet he also makes time for things he’s passionate about like hunting and fishing. My dad has definitely passed down many things to me–a love of the outdoors, a love of travel, a love of food and cooking for family and friends, and a fantastic sense of humor (ha!).
 Although it makes me sad that neither my sister or I  could be home to celebrate Father’s Day with my dad yesterday, I think the fact we’re both out in opposite parts of the country living the lives that we want is a testament to how my he encouraged us to be independent and confident. I know he’s proud of the fact that we’re both out getting to see new places and have these great experiences, and although I know that he misses us, he’s been extremely supportive and encouraging of what we’re doing with our lives.
My dad has also been one of the biggest supporters of my blog. He always reads it and loves to share it with family and friends, which is really sweet. I know he’ll be reading this post so Dad, I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and I’m so looking forward to seeing you (and Mom and the rest of the family) when we fly to Michigan next week!
And then in our house, everyday is Father’s Day since Lola loves Cam and I am just the third wheel.
sort of.
Over the course of our marriage, I’ve really begun to notice just how many things that Cam and my dad have in common. A lot of the qualities that I really admire about my own dad are things that I love about Cam, and so I guess there is some truth to that whole saying about how girls marry someone like their father. Cam and my dad are definitely very different, but I’m glad that they both possess so many of the same great qualities. I know that Cam really loves and respects his dad as well, and I’m thankful that he had such a wonderful father to look up to and learn from. It definitely helped shape him in to a person who I know will be a great dad himself someday! 🙂
So that’s all for me today, but I couldn’t resist sharing a little Instagram preview from our weekend. We spent so much time outside by the lake and it was just amazing. The bad part? Cam and I are both painfully sunburned (like it’s really bad) so we’re kind of taking it easy today. I can’t wait to share the photos from this weekend (I actually took some with our camera–yay!) and then I’ve got lots of other recent photos of recipes, our apartment, and other things that are just waiting to be uploaded and turned into blog posts.
I’m hoping to get around to working on that during tonight’s episode of Emily is pretty but boring and all the guys kind of boring too but I still keep watching The Bachelorette.
But I may just end up slathering myself in aloe and eating a bowl of ice cream.
Only time will tell.