Friday’s Letters

Greetings from Bend, OR!

Cam and I made the eight hour drive from Tahoe to Central Oregon last night and I’m so excited to be here. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Bend in the summer, and I’m looking forward to a fun weekend with family. But first I thought I’d stop in to link up with Ashley for Friday’s Letters!

Sunset in southern Oregon last night via Instagram
Dear Cameron, Thanks for figuring out how to hook up your phone to my laptop so I could have internet in the car yesterday. And thanks for driving the whole way to Bend last night so I could catch up on work/blogging! Dear Summer Olympics, You start TONIGHT and I am so excited to watch you! I’m can’t wait to see the opening ceremonies and Kate Middleton’s outfits. It’s really crazy that four years ago Cam and I were also in Bend (during my first trip to Oregon!) where I met his family for the first time, and we all watched the Olympics together…so much has happened since then! Dear Natasha, I’m so glad we got to have lunch this week and that I finally got to meet your sweet little Ethan, he is the most adorable peanut! Dear Northern California/Southern Oregon, Some parts of you that we drove through yesterday were so completely empty, but also breathtaking. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to drive on these beautiful mountain roads and take in views that most people never get to see. Dear Lola, You are such a goof. Every time I looked at you in the backseat yesterday you had the craziest expression on your little doggy face. I love how much you make us laugh and I’m thankful you’re such a great little traveler. Dear Summer, Please stop going by so fast! I am having the best time enjoying your sunshine and beautiful weather so if you could slow down a little that would be great. Dear Work, I am really enjoying a lot of things about you…but you’re also super time-consuming right now and I’m not loving it. We need to figure out a better relationship and fast because it’s pretty annoying the way you’re taking over my life. Dear Carmel, CA, I’m excited to see you in two weeks! I can’t wait to stay at a cute B&B, spend lots of time at the ocean, and just relax with my little family. Dear Immature Dairy Queen Workers in Klamath Falls, OR, I realize you’re 14 and have more important things on your mind like Justin Bieber but was it really necessary to make me wait forever for my mini Chocolate Candy Shop Blizzard last night and then finally serve it to me completely melted? I was way too excited to try this new flavor of the month Blizzard and you made me really livid with your incompetent service. Dear Cameron, Thanks for calming me down when I throw fits at Dairy Queen and reminding me not to sweat the small stuff. I love you. Dear yummy restaurants in Bend/delicious Oregon beer, Get ready, I’m coming for you.
Have a great weekend everyone! Xoxo