Michigan: Family

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend?
It’s been a week since I got back from Michigan so I figured it’s high time that I share the photos! I ended up taking a little unexpected hiatus from the blog last week because I was crazy busy trying to get caught up on work/life/sleep after ten days out of town. I’m actually taking on some new responsibilities at work starting today (yay!) so last week was extra hectic getting ramped up for that. Being that I have a job where I’m the computer all day, sometimes when I’m done with work I just cannot spend another minute staring at my laptop so blogging falls by the wayside…but hey, that’s life! If only there were more hours in the day 🙂
Anyway, on to my trip to Michigan! I took A LOT of photos, so I’ve actually decided to break them up in to a couple different posts. First up? Family! 
 Cam and I took the red-eye from Reno on Thursday night and got in bright and early on Friday morning. We headed straight to our old stomping grounds, Ann Arbor! Seriously, I love that city so much. Every time we go back it’s always fun to see what’s changed, but it’s nice how things are always the same too…know what I mean? Cam and I had a great time driving around campus before heading to meet up with my sister and her boyfriend, Ben, who flew in from NYC Friday morning. We had a really nice time walking all over Ann Arbor (in the 100 degree heat!) and it was fun for the four of us to get to hang out!

Cam & Ben
The Diag–the heart of Michigan’s campus
The “M”
I love Ann Arbor
Nichols Arcade
The Michigan Union
The Law Library…so pretty! 🙂
733 Oakland–the house I lived in senior year!
We figured Ben’s first trip to Ann Arbor wouldn’t be complete without a visit to The Big House
Can’t wait to come back here in the fall!

We ended our day in Ann Arbor with lunch at one of our favorite places, Zingerman’s. It was delicious as always! After lunch, Cam and I had to head out to go to a rehearsal dinner/wedding (more on that later) in Grand Rapids. We got back to my parents’ house late Saturday night and had one more day to spend with Melissa and Ben before they headed back to NYC on Sunday night.

Family–nice for us all to be back together, even for such a short time!
Cam has definitely become accustomed to my family’s incessant photo-taking 🙂
The guys
Sunday afternoon, we headed out to Cook’s Dairy Farm to get some ice cream. This place is the real deal and their ice cream is delicious!
City mice in the country…ha.

It was great that Melissa and Ben’s visit was able to overlap with ours. We had a great time hanging out together, and hopefully we’ll be seeing them again soon! Unfortunately they had to get back to the Big Apple Sunday night, but we were able to see a lot of the rest of my family while we were in town. I got to spend a lot of time with my grandparents which was great, as well as seeing the rest of my extended family that lives in Lake Orion.
Grandma & Grandpa
Nothing like taking your picture in front of your senior picture…ha.
My cousin Kayla & I
My cousin Austin & I
My last night in town, we had dinner at Sagebrush Cantina aka the Lake Orion hangout
Aunt Harriet & I
Dad & I
The boys
The ladies
Grandpa & I
Grandma & I
And last but not least, it was really nice to be able to spend time at home. Even though I haven’t lived with my parents in a couple of years now, it’s always great to be back. It’s such a relaxing place and I love sitting outside with all the trees.

One of the things I love about my parents’ house is the pond behind our house. We used to go down there and go fishing a lot when I was younger, so it really nice that my dad and I were able to go down there for a little bit the morning I left. The pond is always really peaceful and we even got to do a little fishing!
Walking down to the pond…
I even caught a large-mouth bass in the short time we were rowing around…just like the good old days! I was happy to see that I hadn’t lost my fishing skills, so I had to put up this picture even though I look terrible because I had literally rolled out of bed like 15 minutes before 🙂
 It was the perfect way to end my visit! Looking forward to sharing more pictures from my trip tomorrow! Xoxo